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Jurgen Klopp Furious At Liverpool Fans For Singing His Name During Everton Win

boss Jurgen Klopp is irritated with the Reds fans for continuously singing his name during their 3-1 win over .

The Merseyside derby is a very crucial game for both the clubs and Liverpool showcased their talent by drowning the toffees.

Sadio Mane, Philippe and Divock Origi were on the scoresheet as the Reds came out on top at .

Klopp was aksed about the atmosphere during derby but the German chose to talk aout complaceny.

He said: “The crowd can do what they want but I thought in this moment, I don’t know why, the game is still five, six minutes to go, so how can they start now singing this?”

“Actually it’s difficult for me to understand and I really think it’s important. For me it’s kind of a sign that we think it’s done and the game is done. It’s done at the final whistle not a minute earlier.”

The game was a typical derby match with intense footballing action and some heated moments, but Klopp was full of praise for his players.

“In all three derbies we played until now we were exactly like this,” he said. “I know people from other clubs think I’m crazy because I look like I look, I’m sorry for this.”

“I’m really emotional but my teams are always top of the fair play table because aggressiveness is to hurt yourself. Being hard means to be hard against yourself. I thought we dealt really well with the importance of the game.”

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