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Just imagine being a spectator watching football along with a galaxy of fans and after 90 minutes of an intense contest, your favourite footballer comes to you and offers his jersey. Now imagine the iconic, prestigious, glittering token of appreciation being stolen by someone.


Tom Jones, the son of veteran footballer Garry Jones is facing the same problem in his life. Tom welcomed a lovely daughter into this world a few days back and soon saw his father’s prestigious football being stolen.


Garry Jones smashed a jaw-dropping hattrick against Manchester City on 5th October 1971 earning the glittering emblem. Tom Jones garnished his house with the football but soon a few robbers stole the soccer piece.




Tom explained to the media that he had been busy with his daughter’s birth and someone easily stepped into his house because of the construction work going around.

“I have a bar at the bottom of my garden and I kept the ball in there.

“I’m having a lot of building work done at the moment, so I think they have come looking for power tools and walked into the bar.


Tom further elaborates how the ball carried no monetary value but was a token of appreciation given to his deceased father and the importance the stolen football holds in his family.

“They have probably seen the ball and thought it might be worth something.”

“I’m gutted,” he said.

“If it was worth thousands of pounds then I would understand, but is not worth anything.

“It might not mean much to anyone else, but it’s massive for my family.

“It’s a family heirloom.



Garry Jones started his career in Manchester. A young budding prospect, Garry received offers from different clubs around England and Europe. A 15-year-old prodigy, the centre-forward demonstrated excellent goal-scoring abilities capturing the eye of the world.



In 1968, he signed an illustrious contract with Bolton Wanderers. After Jones moved up the ranks at Bolton he became the club’s biggest asset. In his 10 years at Bolton, Jones donned the Trotters jersey for a record 203 times. In his decade-long tenure at the English club, the talismanic English centre-forward netted a mouth-watering 41 goals.



Jones’ Wikipedia page specifically illustrates how the English striker majestically scored a hattrick against one of Premier League’s elite clubs. In the League cup fixture, Jones smashed 3 goals against the Sky Blues as praises poured in from all over the world.

Garry Jones, fortunately, took home the glorious soccer home decorating his home with the gift. After his unfortunate demise in 2016, Garry Jones’ son Tom Jones furnished his bar with the hat trick ball.

“The pinnacle of his career was that hat-trick against City,” Tom said.

“Dad was a United fan so scoring against City was a big deal.

“Not long after, City tried to sign him but he failed the medical because he had a dodgy knee.

“This year is the 50th anniversary. I was going to have a bit of a do and have the ball out.

He finished off with an appeal to the robbers asking them to return the distinguished gift. Lastly, he told how he welcomed his daughter but lost something important in the form of the stolen football.

I just want it back. It’s something I wanted to keep in the family.

“Hopefully someone will see it and return it.

“It’s been a great week because England are in the final and I have a healthy baby girl, but it has put a dampener on it all.”

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