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The wait is finally coming to an end. EA has announced that it will premier the FIFA 22 game-changing reveals in just hours from now. A live YouTube broadcast will give fans all the details that they have been dying to know. FIFA 22 is getting major hype since the developers have announced some changes to the gameplay.



Fans have been disappointed by the state of the long-running franchise and have been demanding gameplay changes since FIFA 20. The Frostbite engine was a step to try and improve the game but it was unfortunately not a step in the right direction.

The new cover for the FIFA 22 reveals two very important changes that enthusiasts are looking forward to. Hypermotion Technology is something to sparks curiosity and several leaks suggest that it could be something that enhances in-game animations. The second detail that has intrigued the global audience is “Powered by Football”. A rather ambiguous statement, considering that the game has always been about the sport. Did EA sports take this long to finally confirm FIFA 22 is powered by football?


Kylian Mbappe becomes the first player after Cristiano Ronaldo to feature as the cover in two consecutive FIFA editions. Yes, this new cover did not surprise anyone despite the player having a bad European Championship performance. The French roadrunner has been phenomenal for PSG and EA will look to use his popularity to boost sales.



Kylian Mbappe has been on an absolute masterclass in the French Ligue 1. The wonderkid scored a whopping 27 goals and assisted seven times in the league. The young superstar shouldered the star-studded PSG side throughout the season but was unsuccessful in the domestic league and in Europe.

For France, the 22-year-old was surprisingly underwhelming. Given his form, the expectations were sky-high. Fans hoped that their pacey forward would take the competition by storm. Many expected him to compete for the golden boot alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Lewandowski in the Euros. However, he could not even better the performances of his teammates Benzema, Pogba and Griezmann. The forward missed several chances in the competition and France was ousted in the Round of 16 by an inspired performance by Switzerland.



Therefore, the new cover has been met by sarcasm with the Twitter and Instagram comment sections taking a blow at the French superstar. Regardless, the player has been outstanding for the club and his dip in the Euros might only be an unfortunate blip.

The most important and surprising detail of the cover though was the “Hypermotion technology”. The state of FIFA has not been satisfactory for a long while now. The community has been demanding changes that could make the game much more enjoyable for years now. The frustration in passing movements and their complexity has been heavily criticised.


The newly introduced frostbite engine has not got much love from the community and EA needed a big change that could address these concerns. There have been too many issues with the current model that needed tweaking. There isn’t any loyal fanbase for the frostbite engine and its absence in the FIFA 22 cover may be a relief for some.



Nevertheless, FIFA 22, like its predecessors will have huge global sales even if there aren’t any significant improvements. There aren’t any big competitors for the game and EA has monopolised the franchise. This new reveal may well be exciting news if changes live up to the community’s expectations.

There is a part of the world that does call it soccer. But to the majority of fans around the world, “Football” is the word they would like to associate with. There are no clear indications on what EA truly means when they say FIFA 22 is “Powered by Football”. No further detail on the topic has been revealed so far and is therefore keeping fans on the edge of their seat. The big reveal will likely address this seemingly bizarre detail depicted on the cover.



On EA Play Live we will be privy to some of the more intricate details pertaining to the release of the game. There has been a lot of negative reviews of the game and therefore this new update must be bang on to finally give the community something to look forward to.


The official release dates for FIFA 22 have not been announced as of yet. However, we do not expect any delays on the release and it can be expected around late September or early October. The pricing also will likely remain the same as the previous editions, but no official details have been released yet.

Several leaks that give us a glance at the possible changes have surfaced. There is a big lean towards the much-anticipated rework of the game. Improvements to defending, attacking and especially passing have been suggested.

Custom tactics will undergo changes in the coming edition of the game as well. New stadiums, new kits and new logos will also be available with the update. There might also be an introduction of online career mode according to sources. The FUT Champs format will also be changed as per suggestions.



To find out more stay tuned to EA Play Live as they go live in just hours from now to reveal all the details of FIFA 22.

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