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Who said You can Leave?

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The European Super League collapsed merely within forty hours of its inception. Heavy criticism and backlash from fans, players, pundits, UEFA, national leagues and other clubs forced the breakdown of the breakaway league.

The six Premier League cash cows announced their withdrawal as they soon realised that plans could not go forward without the support of the players and fans. Four of the six club owners also issued an apology to the staff, fans, players and manager of their respective clubs.

The League could not sustain without the English clubs and hence the other clubs also withdrew from the deal. The only remaining clubs are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. These three clubs find themselves in desperate need of the financial promise of the new league.


Florentino Perez (Image courtesy – realmadrid.com)



Real Madrid President and Chairman of the newly formed Super League repeatedly claims that this new league is still not cancelled albeit it may be suspended temporarily.

Perez was strong in his claims and still insists that the proposition is the only way forward for the bigger clubs in Europe. Barcelona and Real Madrid both find themselves in huge financial debts and was hoping to solve their crisis through this newly proposed league.

Leaked documents of the new league by German outlet der Spiegel revealed that both these clubs were to receive at least sixty million euros more than the other founding members. This may very well explain why the two clubs are committed to seeing the project through.



“I don’t need to explain what a binding contract is but effectively, the clubs cannot leave.”
“Some of them, due to pressure, have said they’re leaving. But this project, or one very similar, will move forward and I hope very soon,” – Perez told Spanish newspaper AS on Saturday.



Shortly after the nine clubs that were to form the league announced their withdrawal, JPMorgan Chase, the main investor also announced their retreat. The American financial firm that had promised 3.5 billion Euros for the formation of the league told that they had misjudged the outcome of the proposal.

A JP Morgan spokesperson said: “We clearly misjudged how this deal would be viewed by the wider football community and how it might affect them in the future. We will learn from this.”

Perez, however, disagreed with the comments that the investment firm has withdrawn. He reiterated that like the clubs they too have only taken a time off. “It’s not true they’ve withdrawn. They have taken some time for reflection, just like the 12 clubs. If we need to make changes, we will but the Super League is the best project we’ve thought of.”

“The partnership still exists as do the members who comprise the Super League. What we have done is taken a few weeks to reflect in light of the fury of certain people who don’t want to lose their privileges and have manipulated the project,” he added.



The Real Madrid President also emphasised the need for the new league. He said that the pandemic has caused major problems for the clubs. Many clubs are not even able to sustain themselves as a result of the financial drawbacks that they had to face. The 12 Super League clubs had lost a combined 650 million euros last year and stood to lose up to 2.5 billion euros this year.
“The Super League is the best possible project to help football come out of the crisis. Football is gravely hurt and we have to adapt to the era we live in,” he added.



“I think that the Champions League reform isn’t the best it can be, and what’s more we cannot wait until 2024.”
Perez was not convinced by the reforms made in the Champions League by UEFA. Additional games may not be the right way to approach the situation. A more solid proposal that can both help stabilize the clubs and improve the quality of the competition need to be taken.

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