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The plans for the European Super League were drawn to a close just forty-eight hours after its inception. Fans from around the globe protested the formation of the breakaway league, putting up banners and staging riots.

As a result of the rampage both on the web and off it, the Premier League clubs withdrew from the newly proposed league. Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur were forced to reconcile after intense pressure from their fans.




FSG, the organization that currently owns Liverpool Football club was founded and headed by John W Henry. After the breakdown of the European Super League, Henry went on to issue a public apology in the form of a video to both fans and staff. In the video,

Henry claims all responsibility for the actions and says that neither the manager nor the players had any sort of involvement with the European Super League. Henry apologized for the mistakes and asked the fans to forgive him. He also extended his apology to Jurgen Klopp and the players for putting them under pressure for his mistakes.



‘It goes without saying but should be said that the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans. No one ever thought differently in England. Over these 48 hours, you were very clear that it would not stand. We heard you. I heard you.’

‘And I want to apologise to Jurgen, to Billy (Hogan, club chief executive), to the players and to everyone who works so hard at LFC to make our fans proud. They have absolutely no responsibility for this disruption. They were the most disrupted and unfairly so. This is what hurts most. They love your club and work to make you proud every single day. – John W Henry in his Apology video.



On his press conference ahead of the Premier League match against Newcastle United, Jürgen Klopp was asked about his reaction to FSG’s decisions. Klopp was quick to defend the owners, insisting that they are not necessarily ‘bad people’ although they made the wrong decisions.



‘I know there were some moments when they might not have made the right decision, this time for sure. But it doesn’t change things for me, I prefer to deal with problems with people I know.’

‘I hope the bond between us and the supporters gets even stronger. Our owners are not bad people, they just made a bad decision, but let’s carry on. Let’s go back to the beautiful game.’­-Klopp in his press conference.

Jürgen Klopp was further asked if he was contacted directly by the owners after the incident. Klopp admitted that he did not get a personal message but also said it wasn’t necessary. The video message included him and that was personal enough said the manager. The entire Liverpool squad shared their unanimous response on social media platforms on Tuesday night after Klopp was left to face the heat on Monday.

‘We don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen. This is our collective position. Our commitment to this football club and its supporters is absolute and unconditional.’



Jürgen Klopp’s position is clear about the Super League. Ever since 2019, when talks on the subject surfaced, Klopp has openly shrugged his disapproval. In his latest comments for Sky Sports, he sticks to his comments from 2019. Klopp and co will be glad that Liverpool and the other Premier League clubs have withdrawn from the deal. They will now try and focus on claiming a Champions League spot next season.

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