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City makes history yet again!

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Manchester City has broken yet another record under Pep Guardiola. In 2017/18 they broke the record of having the most goals scored in a season. In the same season, they even made history by getting 100 points by the end of their campaign, earning the title of ‘Centurions’. Manchester City has done something exceptional yet again in the 2020/21 season as they are currently on a winning streak of 19 games which is the longest in the history of top-tier English Football.


Manchester City were not even in the top 10 after playing their first 10 games. They have been consistently crawling up the table and are currently the league leaders have a 10 points lead. Even though players like Aguero, De Bruyne, Fernandinho were injured for most parts of the season, Manchester City has come out on top of all the big clubs of the Premier League. Pep Guardiola is a mastermind when it comes to tactics and has molded Manchester City using the players available.

Players like Gundogan and Foden have risen up to the occasion and have taken on important roles. Especially the year 2021 has been special for them. They have won every single game this year and also became the league leaders. Pep Guardiola’s dream of lifting the Champions League trophy with City is probably going to come true considering the form the other European clubs are.


Here are the other clubs who have had long winning streaks in the history of English football:

1) Arsenal (14 Games)

Arsenal 1987
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Arsenal

The old Arsenal was nothing like the current club. They weren’t sitting in midtable, struggling to get to the top 6. Arsenal was one of the Title challengers every year back in the day. In 1987, Arsenal set the record of 14 games winning streak and Pep Guardiola of Manchester City is the only one who has crossed this threshold.

2) Tottenham (13 Games)

We often tease Tottenham because of their lack of trophies in the recent decades, but the 1960’s Tottenham side was one of the best teams in the history of football. They won 13 games straight that too from the first game.

3) Everton (12 Games)

Everton was the first club to win more than 10 games in a row and they achieved this phenomenal feat in 1894. The streak actually was made in 2 seasons as they had won the last 4 games of the previous campaign. Although they had the glory of setting the record, it wasn’t enough to win the title as they finished 2nd by the end of the season.

4) Aston Villa (11 games)

Aston Villa just recently qualified for the Premier League, but they are actually one of the founding clubs of English football. In the 1896/97 season, they survived 11 games without even losing or drawing once. They ended up winning the League by a comfortable margin of 11 games and they even win the FA Cup placing the cherry on top of the cake.

5) Liverpool (11 games)

Liverpool 1989
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Liverpool

Liverpool have actually done it twice, once in 1989 and then they repeated the streak in 2006. In the 1989 season, but they lost the title to Arsenal on goals scored (like Manchester City and Manchester United). In the 2006 season, the streak helped them in claiming a spot in the Champions League.

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