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It is that time of the year again! The Premier League fixtures for the 2022-23 season are out. Right off the bat, there are some juicy fixtures for the fans to salivate over. This season’s fixtures list was a monumental challenge to construct given the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar begins on November 18.

Therefore, there will be fixtures congestion to offset the gap with players more susceptible to injuries.

Nevertheless, the announcement of all 380 fixtures marks the start of the official countdown to the new season. FootTheBall brings you all the key details regarding the Premier League matches and what to look forward to.



Premier League start date

The Premier League action gets underway on August 5 with Crystal Palace hosting Arsenal. The action continues over the weekend with seven matches on August 6 and two on August 7.

Championship winners Fulham face the daunting prospect of Liverpool in their first match back. Embattled Everton host Chelsea with the world’s richest club Newcastle United clashing against Nottingham Forest. Defending champions Manchester City visit West Ham United on Sunday, while their arch-rivals welcome Brighton.

What are the key dates of 2022-23 season?

Apart from the opening weekend, the Premier League’s final round of fixtures before the World Cup comes on November 12. It returns on December 26, with the new year fixtures on December 31. The 2022-23 Premier League season ends on May 28.

Premier League most important matches 2022/23


  • Chelsea v Spurs (August 13)
  • Manchester United v Liverpool (August 20)
  • Chelsea v Leicester City (August 27)
  • Leicester v Manchester United (August 30)


  • Manchester United v Arsenal (September 3)
  • Manchester City v Spurs (September 10)
  • Spurs v Leicester City (September 17)


  • Arsenal v Spurs (October 1)
  • Manchester City vs Manchester United (October 1)
  • Arsenal v Liverpool (October 8)
  • Liverpool v Manchester City (October 15)
  • Arsenal v Manchester City (October 18)
  • Manchester United v Spurs (October 19)
  • Chelsea v Manchester United (October 22)
  • Leicester v Manchester City (October 29)


  • Chelsea v Arsenal (November 5)
  • Spurs v Liverpool (November 5)


  • Liverpool v Leicester City (December 31)


  • Chelsea v Manchester City (January 2)
  • Manchester United v Manchester City (January 14)
  • Spurs v Arsenal (January 14)
  • Arsenal v Manchester United (January 21)
  • Liverpool v Chelsea (January 21)


  • Spurs v Manchester City (February 4)
  • Leicester City v Spurs (February 11)
  • Manchester United v Leicester City (February 18)
  • Spurs v Chelsea (February 25)


  • Liverpool v Manchester United (March 4)
  • Leicester City v Chelsea (March 11)


  • Manchester City v Liverpool (April 1)
  • Liverpool v Arsenal (April 8)
  • Manchester City v Leicester (April 15)
  • Manchester United v Chelsea (April 22)
  • Spurs v Manchester United (April 25)
  • Manchester City v Arsenal (April 26)
  • Arsenal v Chelsea (April 29)
  • Liverpool v Spurs (April 29)


  • Leicester City v Liverpool (May 13)
  • Manchester City v Chelsea (May 20)


As mentioned above, the season gets feisty right from the beginning. Chelsea and Manchester United have two mammoth fixtures in the first month itself. Moreover, the Red Devils will aim to get their pride back after losing 9-0 on aggregate against Liverpool in 2021-22.

Arsenal and Manchester City have tough match ups in October. The Gunners face Spurs, Liverpool, and Manchester City.

Meanwhile, the Cityzens have the Manchester Derby, alongside visiting Anfield. April will definitely be the deciding months of the Premier League. Manchester City have Liverpool, Leicester City, and Arsenal to contend with.

Each of the top six teams in 2021-23 have pivotal fixtures. The penultimate matchday of the Premier League could also spring a surprise as Manchester City host Chelsea. Nevertheless, the entire season promises to be a rollercoaster.

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