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Bail extended

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A Premier League footballer accused of rape and arrested last year could begin a second consecutive season in the league on bail.

The Telegraph reports that the Premier League footballer accused of rape was expected to appear at a station this month.

However, the Met Police have informed him that the bail date has been moved again.

The Premier League season starts on August 11 so this increases the chances of him turning out for his team while on bail again.

The concerned footballer was arrested in North London last July on charges of rape.

However, he continued playing for his club as various groups and campaigners expressed their concern that he should not be playing.

The player in question has already been bailed five times, without getting charged, which has led to questions about the status of the investigation and its conclusion.

FootTheBall covered his arrest in detail when it happened last year. The club was reportedly left “stunned” at the revelation but his continuing to play at the highest level means that they are going to back him, presuming innocence till guilt is proven.

The Premier League footballer accused of rape got his name added to the increasingly long list of criminal footballers.

Be it cheating, assault, rape, or causing harm, the recent few years have seen a wave of allegations against footballers. Mason Greenwood’s case at Manchester United was the chief among them. Although the charges against the United player have been dropped, the club is still mulling over his future with the team.

However, this anonymous footballer’s case is different. In the case of Greenwood, some damning material available to the public instantly made him guilty in the court of public opinion.

While this anonymous footballer has faced only allegations which have not yet been proven.

Still, it is not a good sign for the global game that the entities front and centre of it- the players themselves, are not putting a strong and positive image in front of billions of fans who hang on to their every word and action like gospel.

Vatsal Gupta
A die-hard Red Devil, who has straight up not had a good time since 2012. Lives on Korean dramas and books and can often be heard talking about armchair psychological stuff.

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