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Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Sparks More Pregnancy Rumours After Her Visit To A Doctor

Moments after Ronaldo’s mother Dolores Santos laughed off all the rumours of becoming a father again, his girlfriend latest post suggests a different story completely.

Georgina recently added more fuel to the fiery rumour of her being pregnant with boyfriend Ronaldo’s child after she added a snap of her visiting a doctor.

Although the doctor is Dr. Rafik Dehni who is a specialist in plastic surgery, the timing here is definitely one to observe.

The rumours started arising when the star posted a snap of him and girlfriend Georgina relaxing together on a couch with both the couple’s hands on Rodriguez’s stomach.

Later the rumours were rubbished off by Cristiano’s mother calling them ‘nonsense.’

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She said, “It’s just nonsense, it’s just a hand on the belly, and as far as I know, Cristiano will not be a father again.

“I hope he has more children, he wants to be a father again, now that Cristiano has money, he can raise more children as well.”

Seeing this ‘Insta’ drama all we can say is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, we are blessed with two of them!

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