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Paul Pogba, a name that could threaten defences, a player who could land titles with his jaw-dropping performances, a performer who could emerge victorious from any brawl. With all the tags attached to the Frenchman’s name, Paul Pogba has had a catastrophic tenure since Manchester United have captured his signature for a mouth-watering amount of 90 million pounds.



While Pogba is a very skilled and unquestionably brilliant midfielder he is an exceedingly irritating example of talent with benefits and drawbacks that combine terribly, to the point that Paul Pogba became a shadow of himself whenever donning the Manchester United outfit.

With all of Pogba’s flamboyance, his trickery, and his marvellous celebrations is the Frenchman becoming a piece of baggage at the Theatre? We at FootTheBall find out.




Try asking Didier Deschamps or N’Golo Kante the importance of playing Paul Pogba in the French army’s midfield, and both of them will always be prepared with a befitting reply. Although the Manchester United midfielder has failed to impress the spectators at the Theatre, his outstanding performances for his national outfit make him a valuable asset in Solskajer’s roster.



The Norweigan completely understands the physicality, the flair, and the creativity the Frenchman brings to the table. Turn the clock back to Euros, and Paul Pogba was the World Champions’ Man-Of-The-Tournament with outstanding displays against Die Mannschaft’s, Rossocrociatti, and Selecao. Although Rui Patricio saved his goal for the tournament contender, Switzerland’s Jan Sommer was unsuccessful in doing so.


This summer when the Frenchman operates in the Red Devils’ midfield, his form from the European carnival can be quintessential in United’s silverware aspirations. Pogba’s depleting outings at the Theatre took a u-turn with Bruno Fernandes’ addition giving the Frenchman more breathing space. And with the Three Lions’ winger Jadon Sancho joining hands with the Red Devils, Pogba could surely erupt Old Trafford with his glittering outings.



And something that could bring out Pogba’s A-game is Raphael Varne’s signature. The Frenchman could improve Pogba’s consistency on the pitch because of their international connection and the duo could demolish defences. Remember how Jaoa Cancelo’s Portuguese connection with talismanic striker Cristiano Ronaldo created havoc in Serie-A. While the Brazilian bond of Neymar and Dani Alves during the duo’s tenure in Spain assisted in the Catalan’s treble-winning campaign.


With Varane’s introduction to Solskjaer’s backline, the pressure on Paul Pogba to deliver will increase which might help the Red Devils claim the Premier League throne.





The biggest problem with Paul Pogba is the Frenchman could destroy the Premier League Champions on a Sunday and then put on a shambolic display against a relegation battling squad on Tuesday. The hot and cold form of Paul Pogba for the Red Devils has seen him questioned by pundits all over the world.



Although Paul Pogba’s magnificent strike to rattle the Swiss frame demolished the underdogs’ hopes, the French midfielder’s disastrous error led to their last-ditched equalizer. And Sommer’s heroics thrashed the World Champions out of Europe within a blink of an eye.


Roy Keane pointed out how the Frenchman lacked a hint of discipline. “For all of the brilliant qualities going forward, I still think he lacks the discipline defensively. “That’s the key (to go to the next level). The top players do it week in, week out. Paul doesn’t do that.”

And Keane is not wrong, Pogba with his muscular physique and unbelievable strength lacks the ability to tackle the rivals in the midfield putting immense pressure on United’s backline.





The dispute over Pogba’s optimum role is emblematic of a larger problem: Pogba’s skills and shortcomings are incompatible. Pogba is a highly touted prospect who can do it all, anywhere on the field, if you only concentrate on his abilities. However, regardless of wherever he appears, he has significant flaws that restrict his efficiency.


Pogba’s ability to execute defence-splitting accurate passes is maximised when he operates deeper, but his terrible defending capabilities and proclivity to get dispossessed are highlighted. If he starts higher up the field, his driving abilities and aggressiveness become even more dangerous, but his poor off-the-ball mobility and a resultant sub-optimal shooting control have a significant influence on his performance, and his ability to deliver deep crosses is neutralised.





Lastly, Donny Van De Beek’s jail-time under the Norweigan manager has questioned United’s tactics. And with world-class youngsters coming through the grassroots programmes of the Red Devils, the question remains for how long will Paul Pogba hold on to his midfield throne?



With Manchester United not identifying any replacements for Paul Pogba, the long-term investment of 90 million will rarely be thrown out of the window. Pogba will surely earn himself another campaign at the Red Devils, and like his Norweigan manager, if he wants another whopping contract at Old Trafford, he’ll have to bring France’s Paul Pogba at Old Trafford.

And surely, Pogba’s positioning and discipline have been questioned by pundits, the Frenchman mostly responded with a glittering outing on the field. With Manchester United looking to end their silverware curse this summer, Paul Pogba could be quintessential for the Red Devils’.

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