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With the Brazilian league set to begin in less than a month, clubs are looking to finalise their squad and sign or sell players before the season starts on April 13. One of the clubs that could be looking for a fresh start is Corinthians, which finished 13th in the table last season. Despite having an abysmal season, the club found some positives in the rise of youngsters such as Gabriel Moscardo, who was sold to Paris Saint Germain but is still playing for the club on loan, and Breno Bidon, who could be the next player to earn a big move across the Atlantic.

At just 18 years of age, Breno Bidon has shown brilliant glimpses of being a world-class attacking midfielder who could become a top player for the club and the Selecao. However, before that, he has to prove that he can be the main man for the Corinthians team, and the incoming season should be a good benchmark on which we could judge how high his ceiling is.Preview (opens in a new tab)

Who is Breno Bidon 

Breno de Souza Bidon was born in Sau Paulo, Brazil’s financial capital andthe most populous city, In addition, it is home of Brazil’s most famous clubs such as Palmeiras (the current champions), Sau Paulo FC, Portuguesa, Club Atletico Juventus, Nacional, and Barcelona EC.

So, Bidon had the perfect environment that encouraged following football as a professional career. The youngster started his journey in the game by joining the youth ranks of Portuguesa. For the next six years, he slowly carved a reputation as a prolific attacker equally adept at creating and scoring goals.

By 2017, though, one thing was clear: Bidon was too talented for the team. Thus, that year, he switched teams to join Audax SP, where he would spend the next two seasons excelling for the youth teams.

In 2019, his big break finally came when Corinthians offered him a chance to join the youth ranks. For the first time in his life, Bidon was at a club where he could battle it out daily with some of the best young talents the nation had to offer.

However, Bidon didn’t just survive in this cutthroat competition; he thrived. He first came to notice when he played in the Campeonato Brasileiro Sub-20. Playing eight games, the Brazilian provided two assists, helping Corinthians reach the final.

Breno Bidon stats 

His performance in the competition caught the interest of the manager, Vitor Pereira, who named him on the bench for two games for the senior side. The following season, he continued to play for the under-20s as they reached the semi-finals of the Campeonato Brasileiro Sub-20. His best performance came in the Copinha, an under-20 tournament, where he scored one goal and provided one assist.

However, it is the current season where he has really come of age. Playing in the Copinha, Bidon appeared like a man on a mission as he was regularly the best player on the team and helped his team win it. While his stat record might read one goal and two assists, the tackle, interception, and exquisite passing he made were enough proof to the tournament’s organisers to bestow him with the best player award.

Breno Bidon style of play 

What makes Breno Bdion’s rise interesting is his difference from the legendary attackers Brazil have produced over the years. While the likes of Ronaldinho, Neymar, Socrates, and others relied on their dribbling skills and flair, Bidon is a technical player who uses his passing and vision to play line-breaking passes.

This is why he is compared to the likes of Pedri and Gavi. And his playing style would trick most in believing he was yet another of the La Masia gems. Bidon’s greatest strength is his long passing, especially to his running teammates. More often than not, he can anticipate the runs of his teammate before it even starts.

What Bidon has done is taken some traits from the Brazilian attackers, such as speed and quick turns, and then added pinpoint passing and vision to them, which makes him a very hard player to mark. The teenager knows this, so he is at his best in the inside channel and tight space, where he uses his quick turns to shield the ball and quickly pass it in any direction where he can find a teammate in the best position.

While his talent has only been tested as an under-20 player, the signs have been very promising.

Breno Bidon postnatal 

Ever since their World Cup victory in 2002, Brazil have reached the semi-finals only once. Their last two World Cup runs ended in the quarter-finals at the hands of Belgium and Croatia, respectively. Their loss in the 2022 World Cup showed the world the limitations of their Jogo Bonito. If Brazil are to take their spot back at the zenith of football, players like Breno would be the key players who could match the top European teams on a technical level. So, the rise of Bidon proves that football in Brazil is evolving.

Come the 2026 FIFA World Cup; Brazil will be taking several players to the World Cup for the first time. While players like Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo, Vitor Roque, and Endrick will be the main attractions, Breno Bidon will ultimately be the difference maker as a player who works in silence so that others can shine.

The Brazilian Serie A season is just weeks away from starting, and Bidon has the perfect opportunity to show that he belongs at the top level of football.

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