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It’s HAZARDOUS! Conte Reveals The Secret Behind Eden’s Revival

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has shared the secret behind Eden Hazard’s revival.

The Belgium internationals struggled last season, failing to score in over 30 games for the Blues, but has returned to form in style this season under the new boss.Eden Hazard

The blues have won four consecutive Premier League games and Conte will be hopeful that his team can continue their good run.

The former Azzurri boss spoke about Hazard, saying “I think that Eden is playing now more close to the goal,” Conte said.

“He’s participating more in offensive situations. I think it’s better for him, this type of situation, which sees him staying in a position where he can finish easier compared to in the past.”

“For this reason, I think and I want Eden to continue in this way. We know his talent. He’s a fantastic player. Also, I found a player who is working very well without the ball, working very well with the team.”Eden Hazard

“This is very appreciated by his team-mates. The work of our strikers… It’s important to continue that, with the same situation with Diego. They are working very well for the team. It’s good.”

The 2014 PFA Player of the Year, suffered a serious loss of form last season – going 356 days withou a league goal as Chelsea struggled to finish in the top half of the table.

The 47-year-old Italian said that he had no doubts about Hazard’s abilities but also admitted that Eden has a lot of work to do before he can become as good as Ronaldo and Messi.Eden Hazard

“Who knows? [if he can reach Ronaldo or Messi’s level] We all know the great talent of Eden. I think he must continue to work and to improve his talent, but in this moment he’s putting his talent, putting himself, in the team. That is fantastic.”

“It’s the right way to become one of the best in the world. Now, if you ask me the difference between (him and) Messi and Ronaldo, I don’t want to reply to this. The only thing I want is to work with my players and try and improve them, to support them in every moment.”

“Because I had my own experiences in my career as a footballer, when you have a great talent it’s important to support that with great form and good organisation and tactical aspects. If you find all these ingredients, probably you are a fantastic player.”Eden Hazard

“I repeat: with only talent, it’s very difficult to be the best. You must put together, with the talent, a good physical condition, and good organisation in the team. All this, to complete with the talent to become a great. A great footballer.”

“I know Eden is a player with a great talent. A great player. I knew him against the national team very well, because we played a friendly game against Belgium and also in the European Championship. Now I’m pleased to see him every day and, above all, to have him in my team.”

Conte has been praised for putting in a strict fitness regime after taking over as the Blues boss.Antonio Conte

He went on to talk about some of the new fitness regimes that he has introduced at the Cobham training center.

“Yeah, the gym – we didn’t go often. Our work, in principal, is on the pitch to work very hard with the ball, and also without it,” He added. “Through our strength work. But if you think we go in the gym to lift weights, it’s not so. We don’t do that. Ever.”

“We work in another way, above all in strength work with our coach for strength. When you put all this work together you support the players best. It’s important this. For the coach, it’s very important to find the best solution, the best situation, to improve the players.”Antonio Conte

“You start with the system. It’s important to find the right system to exploit the characteristics of your players. Also, you have to find the right solution to work, to improve the players’ physical conditions. But you must find the right way. It’s important, this. Every coach must find the right solution for their players.”

“This is modern football, you must have talent and technique, but you must also run with intensity. You must have the strength to cope with contact. Modern football is this. You must have the talent, but support it with strength, speed and technique. Football has changed. Above all in England, you play with an intensity that is supersonic.”

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