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Get High On Leo! Messi Branded Cocaine With A Street Value Of £73 Million Seized In Peru

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Peru police forces seized a shipment of cocaine with a street value of £73 million, but the catch here is the drug was branded with the face and name of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi.

The shipment weighed a whooping 1,417kg and was set for Belgium before the police caught it.

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Lionel Messi

Each packet of the drug had the star footballer’s face, his name and a counterfeited version of his ‘personal branding’.

A styled ‘M’ logo which Messi and his team have used on social media for a very long time now.

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Drug lords in South America have often used the technique of using packing’s of big brands as a disguise to make the shipment less suspicious during transports.

Reports also suggest that several hundred packets also had a forged seal of the king of Spain Felipe VI.

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Although, Messi’s name has been used very often by smugglers, with some peddlers using the code-name ‘Messi’ to sell drugs in 2015.

The Barcelona star is one of the highest earners in the world, with his legitimate endorsement deals worth at a whooping £20 million a year.

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