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Messi Lookalike Becomes Viral Star As Sweets Shop Worker Is Dead Ringer For Barca Legend

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Can you imagine walking into a sweet shop to be welcomed by none other than Barcelona legend Lionel Messi ready to treat you with mouth-watering bonbons?

This is almost a reality for people who love sweets and have visited a local shop in Sau Paulo, Brazil, as a worker there looks exactly like footballing genius Lionel Messi.

Alejandro Pereira Negreiros has now gone viral on social media and is now being mistaken for his fellow South American – Lionel Messi.

The 21-year-old worker at a sweet shop has very little knowledge about Barcelona legend Lionel Messi, who scored a brace on Sunday to clinch a crucial win over arch rivals Real Madrid in the high-octane El Clasico clash.

Negreiros admitted that he was completely unaware about the resemblance and it broke in as a surprise only after a co-worker uploaded his picture on Twitter.

The picture went viral within just two days and it had garnered more than 3,500 likes and was retweeted over 2,700 times.

And it grabbed huge attention as football fans all across the globe were surprised to find the uncanny similarity between the pair.

Twitter user Sergiocarp35 said: “Life is like this, one day you are the best player of the world and the next day you are working in a sweet shop.”

Negreiros has now earned the status of a local celebrity due to his likeness to the Argentine legend Messi.

And now he is keen to meet the footballing genius face-to-face and know more about him.

He told: “I feel very strange when people call me Messi.”

Speaking about the sweets such as those sold by Mr Negreiros, poser said: “It is the worst thing for the muscles. The farther he stays away from sugars, the better.”

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