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Paul Pogba Would Be Stupid To Fall Into The David Beckham Trap

legend Patrice Evra has urged his compatriot to not put “image before football”, as in the past was accused of doing.

The Frenchman has been accused of being too involved in endorsements and off-pitch activities.

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The 24-year-old has been making headlines on and off-the-pitch, with his haircuts and dabs.

However, Pogba has been facing deserved criticism from all across for not performing up-to expectations on the field.

Now, his compatriot has also warned him of not letting his antics away from the pitch make more headlines than his on-pitch actions.

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Former Red Devils defender Evra told FourFourTwo: “If he has a bad game, people criticise him for what he does on social media or his haircuts, but he won’t change. He thinks for himself and acts for himself.”

“I don’t want his image coming before his football, and although I’m not worried that will happen, I’m scared other people hope it does so they can criticise him like they did with David Beckham.”

Evra also claimed that he had something to do with Pogba joining Manchester United last summer.

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Patrice claimed that he motivated the superstar to make the switch from Turin to Manchester.

He added: “I told him that if he was going to leave then he should join United.

“Juve is a great club and I would have been happy if he’d stayed with us, but I said Man United is a massive opportunity for him.”

“Paul is like a brother to me and I want the best for him.”

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