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AC Milan have flourished under the rule of Stefano Pioli as they are gradually reviving their historic status in Europe. They came 2nd in the title race last season and remain unbeaten this season with 12 games down. It is clear AC Milan are building a team for the future and one of their prominent transfer targets for the winter transfer window is Romain Faivre. The French winger has been on the radar of Milan since last summer and they are likely to make an offer for him to his current club, Brest, soon. The player too has recently expressed his interest in joining the historic club.


When asked about the Milan interest, Faivre replied by saying, “When Maldini calls you a legend, you feel valued and you want to do everything to go to Milan.” Here’s why AC Milan are desperately behind Romain Faivre’s signature and how the youngster will look in the Milan lineup.


Ligue 1 has produced an array of young talented players in recent history and Romain Faivre is destined to be on top of the list. Romaine Faivre was born in 1998 and belongs to the same golden generation as the likes of Mbappe and Upamecano. He started his journey when he was 9 at a local youth club called Racing Club de France. He was an introverted and shy kid off the pitch but he let his football do the talking.


After 7 years with Racing, Faivre moved to FC Tours hoping to make a breakthrough to their senior side but a run of frustrating performances in the reserve team stopped him from making headlines at a younger age. With rising discontent with the club, AS Monaco swooped in and got the technically gifted youngster in 2017 for free.

Faivre was extremely unlucky to join Monaco that year since they weren’t their best that season. Managers kept changing which also declined their progress on the pitch and no one had time to look into Faivre’s potential. They managed to finish the season 17th and what could have been Faivre’s breakthrough season, ended up being a speedbump for the young French national.


Brest were in their second season in Ligue 1 when they promised Romain Faivre the minutes he had been longing for all this time. He joined the underdog club in 2020 and since then has been in explosive form. Last season he scored 6 goals and 5 assists which helped Brest stay afloat in the French top tier. Faivre gradually became famous at the global stage and caught Pioli’s attention and since then Milan have been courting Romain Faivre.


Since Faivre isn’t part of the best squad on paper, he is seldom featured on the score sheet but his individual underlying stats are one of the best in the league. Last season Faivre was one of the top 10 dribblers in France having 3.0 successful dribbles per 90. A technically gifted and versatile attacker, with great pace and agility, Faivre is the perfect modern day match-winner. He creates 4.15 goal scoring opportunities for his side every game and is known for his long passing that cuts through the opposition’s backline. He isn’t the main finisher of this side but sets up nearly every play Brest makes in the final third.


On top of that, he also has an impressive pressing game up his sleeves which makes him perfect for Pioli’s system. He makes 1.99 successful tackles and 1.22 successful interceptions per 90 and his quick feet enables him to cover a massive area in the other half high up the pitch.


Romain Faivre is very versatile and can play on both flanks, as a number 10 or even as a false 9. Since the player is only 23 right now, Pioli can mould the attacker at will based on whatever his side needs the most. Brahim Diaz is only on loan from Real Madrid and it is uncertain if the player will stick around in the future. They are currently playing Alexis Saelamaekers on the right flank who himself is a young budding baller and needs another player to relieve him from his duties from time to time.


Both youngsters can even forge strong chemistry between themselves in the next couple of seasons and be a deadly duo leading Milan to glory in the future. AC Milan is wonderful in shaping young talented players into mature footballers which is why it is a win-win for both the player and the Italian giants. Since his contract is ending in 2025, Brest has the scope of increasing his transfer fee and cashing in on the local boy in order to help their efforts in staying in the Ligue 1 in the long run.

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