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Ronaldinho Enjoys NBA Festivities As He Meets The All-Stars

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Former Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho met several NBA All-Stars as he enjoyed the All-Star game at the weekend in New Orleans, United States.

Legendary NBA star LeBron James was all business with the 36-year-old, while Milwaukee Bucks’ upcoming star Giannis Antetokounmpo told the toothy Brazilian that he is “big fan” as they switched jersey’s.

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Meanwhile, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors bowed in front of Ronaldinho before hugging him.

Durant’s team-mate Klay Thompson told Ronaldinho that he watched him play “all the time” as he invited the iconic Brazil star to a Warriors game.

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However, former FC Barcelona basketball player and current Memphis Grizzlies star Marc Gasol was the most excited.

“The meeting with Roni was spectacular,” the Spain international said. “He’s a reference point in the world of sport, a standard, a star, a Barcelona legend. I’m very happy and excited.”

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Dinho also revealed his plans for the incoming gifts, as he said that every item will go into his museum – alongside Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant.

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