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The next German star

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup was the same for four-time champions Germany, who were knocked out for the second consecutive time in the group stages. This has officially marked the end of Germany’s golden generation, which won the 2014 title. Now Germany are planning for a fresh start, and by the time the 2026 FIFA World Cup, Die Manschaft will be fielding new stars who will help to get their nation back to the top of the footballing pyramid. Hertha Berlin’s 16-year-old Julius Gottschalk could be one of those players.

At such a young age, Gottschalk has already become one of the best young players in Germany. And with Hertha Berlin at the bottom of the Bundesliga table and facing the threat of relegation, a top club would like to take advantage of the situation and sign the teenager.

So, who is Julius Gottschalk, and how good is he?

Who is Julius Gottschalk?

Julius Ben Gottschalk was born on August 20, 2006, and after playing for several local clubs, he joined Hertha Berlin, where he has spent the majority of his career. After joining the club, Gottschalk progressed through various age groups before he was finally promoted to the under-17s squad.

While Gottschalk had performed brilliantly over the years, his stint at the under-17s was seen as the first real test of his career. And the German has come out with flying colours. Playing as an attacking midfielder, the teenager has been the chief goals scorer and creator and the main reason Hertha Berlin finished fifth in the regular season of the north. On top of that, the club is also on top of their group in the particular stage preliminary round, winning and drawing one match.

Julius Gottschalk stats 

To say that Julius Gottschalk had an impressive season would be an understatement; such has been his incredible performance. The teenager has scored nine goals and provided 12 assists in just 16 matches that he played in the regular season.

This means that the player has made one goal contribution every 65 minutes. On top of that, his goals and assists have helped Hertha Berlin win an additional 14 points from losing or drawing positions.

However, two of his best performances have come against Werder Bremen and Hansa Rostock, respectively. These two matches showed Gottschalk at his best in two different skills. Against Bremen, Gottschalk was the creator-in-chief, bagging three assists while getting a goal as Hertha won the match 6-0. However, in the game featuring Rostock, the youngster brought his brutal goal-scoring form, getting a hattrick and providing one assist.

Julius Gottschalk’s playing style and potential 

Julius Gottschalk is a player that is far too talented for the under-17s, which is evident after just one season. It is because the player possesses all the skills required of a creative attacker in modern football. Gottschalk is blessed with immense pace, quick footwork, brilliant vision and the divine ability to find the smallest gaps in the opposition’s defence.

However, one skill that he has added to his game that is rarely seen in a player his age is his ability to be at the right place at the correct times through his brilliant off-the-ball movements. This means that he is equally dangerous on the ball as he is without it, which makes it a menace for the opposition, who know that Gottschalk can pounce even on a small mistake which he has done regularly.

One area where Gottschalk needs to develop is that his number 10 role has almost vanished from football, which means that if he does transition to a full-time senior player, he will either have to adapt his skills to play in a midfield three or as a winger.

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Julius Gottschalk transfer news

With Hertha Berlin facing a high chance of getting relegated, other clubs are already circling around to sign the talented youngster. However, Hertha Berlin have made it clear that they would do all in their power to keep hold of the player. However, Gottschalk has shown that he is developing rapidly, and it will be tough for him to reject a deal if a big club comes around.

For now, though, Gottschalk must ensure that he continues his brilliant form and becomes the next star for his club and country.

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