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The shot-stoppers

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Goalkeepers are the core of every football club. These players serve as the heart and soul of the team as they are the last bastion of defence that will keep teams from scoring a point.

Football is not just about scoring goals, but also stopping the big shots that could turn the tide of the game. Being a goalkeeper is never easy and it takes a lot of practice to be one. This is why great stars are being praised for their talent in blocking the ball when it matters most.



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Having the right man between a scoring player and the net is a good win for any club. This is why it is a must for teams to pick the best man they can rely on to block the shots that could cost them the game. Bitcoin betting in football is hard when it comes to predicting the number of saves that will be made in a game, so knowing the big names who do it best is a great start.

Here are the top five goalkeepers that fans should follow:



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Keylor Navas

While Paris Saint-Germain is all about offence to begin with, Keylor Navas is the big proof that the club also has a strong defensive mindset. The Costa Rican star sparked a huge run in his save rate in the 2020-21 season – leading the Ligue 1 as a whole.



So far, Navas has proven that he has what it takes to play under the shadows of Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Sergio Ramos. Navas has played 29 games in Ligue 1 and has forced 15 clean sheets in the 2020-21 season. He has an 80.9% save rate and he only had 18 goals against while going for 22 expected goals against.


Thibaut Courtois

The Octopus has been a force to be reckoned with in Madrid. The Los Blancos star has been a strong force for most of the 2021-22 season, and his best play over the years has been consistent as he continues to put up his defence in the most crucial games of his career.



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Madrid fans can be pleased that the defensive anchor of the club still thrives up to the current season. Thibaut’s big saves in 2020-21 led to a total of 17 clean sheets in 38 games. His 81.1% save rate is a huge stat line that proves his efficiency as a star. He also conceded only 28 goals when compared to his 29.8 expected goals against.


Manuel Neuer

The pride and captain of both the German National team and Bayern Munich is still the best player in the Bundesliga. Manuel Neuer is highly acclaimed for a reason. The sweeper keeper has kept his trophy rooms with a lot of silverware for years. Despite being beyond his prime years, Neuer still proves that he is a strong star keeper in the game.

Bayern’s success for a decade only proves that he is an impact player. He is a keen defender and his skill in blocking shots has proved to be crucial for the club. In 33 games for the 2020-21 season, Neuer tallied nine clean sheets but has a 67.5% save rate to go with 42 goals against on 44.2 expected goals against.



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Ederson has been the shining hope for Manchester City’s bid for a huge title run in the 2021-22 season. His defence is one of the reasons why the team sits at the top of the Premier League table, and it cannot be denied that his impact continues to show why he deserves his spot in the squad.

So far, the star has been on a roll in a one-man show on the net. Ederson thrives in his own box and the team is glad to see his lightning reflexes on a regular basis. He has played 36 games in the 2020-21 season and kept 19 clean sheets to go along with a 75% save rate and 28 goals against on 29.2 expected goals against.



Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak’s string of success has been falling as of late as Atletico Madrid hopes to chase down the top spot in the next set of months. His superior play in the 2020-21 season’s closing games proved to be a crucial push for a title win, but then they need him to do that kind of game once more.

The star played all 38 games in that season and finished with 18 clean sheets to go along with an 80% save rate while conceding only 25 goals and 31.8 expected goals against. Those 25 goals are a La Liga record, leading him to earn the Ricardo Zamora trophy for the fifth time in six years, which makes him the best keeper in La Liga.

Keepers are a big part of any roster, and they are the reason why there are a lot of strong teams all over the world. Bitcoin betting in football is made fun by goalkeepers, and they can turn the tide of a game at any given time.

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