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John Terry Shows The Inspiring Power Of Football

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There is something mystical and beautiful about this game that it just brings out the best in people.

Football is called the beautiful game, not just because it evokes passion or not because it lights your mood and brings a smile on your face.


Football is called the beautiful game because it inspires, it inspires us(football fans) to become better humans.

This wonderful sport has made millions forget their pain, it has stopped wars, it helps fight racism and it also makes us familiar with different cultures and traditions.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter - @ChelseaFC
Photo Courtesy: Twitter – @ChelseaFC

And football has brought us one more such story, this story is of Dawson Riverman.

Dawson was born without finger on his left-hand, and this video tells us about his struggles as an athelete and as a footballer.

Dawson is a goalkeeper and a darn good one, he led his team to the finals of a local competition, but was benched by his coach.

Dawson thought of quiting football and then John Terry came calling.

The Chelsea captain invited Dawson to Chelsea vs Liverpool International Champions Cup match at the Rose Bowl last week.

“You have to keep going and fighting for your place and keep working hard. That’s all we can do, ay?” Terry said to Riverman as the two parted ways with a hug. “Keep fighting. Keep working, huh? Promise?”

“There have been a lot of struggles through my journey, but him helping me gave me confidence no matter how different you are from the other people, you can do the things you love and accomplish your dreams.”

Here’s the video, watch it and fall in love with the beautiful game again.

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