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WATCH: Gerard Pique Secretly Captures Shakira’s Struggle To Click Perfect Selfie

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But first, let me take a selfie!

The lyrics of The Chainsmokers music composition ‘Selfie’ seem apt for Shakira who tried to click a selfie against the nature’s wish.

The hair was set, the make-up was on and the sunlight was just complimenting the scene or rather urging the singer to take out her handset and click a selfie to capture the moment, but nature had plans of its own. As soon as Shakira posed for a selfie, the wind started blowing. What’s ironic is that it blew in the opposite direction making selfie a difficult task to accomplish.

While Shakira struggled to fight against the odds of wind, there was someone who was enjoying its view. Footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique quickly slipped out his phone and tried to capture the endless battle of his girlfriend against nature just to click one selfie.


Stay tuned for the behind the scenes of this selfie / No se pierdan el cómo se hizo de un selfie! Shak

A photo posted by Shakira (@shakira) on

Poor Shakira, although she succeeded in clicking a natural picture, but the amount of struggle invested in getting that picture was immense. The video was later posted by ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer to share her small stint with nature.
Her innocent actions charmed her fans all across the globe as the video received over 1.6 million views and approximately 5000 comments.

In the end, she did manage to click an absolutely stunning selfie!

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