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Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland are undoubtedly one of the biggest talents in the footballing world right now. The two young players are not your average 20-year-old’s vying for a place in the footballing kingdom. They are already established players in their own rights, so much so that they have rightly been dubbed the successors to the Ronaldo – Messi era.




Kylian Mbappe finished Ligue 1 as the top scorer with 27 goals, seven goals more than his nearest rival. In Bundesliga, Erling Haaland finished third among the top scorers with an equal number of goals as Mbappe. Barring an outstanding Robert Lewandowski, Haaland was arguably the most phenomenal forward in the league.



In the Champions League, the race between the two youngsters was intensified. Unlike the usual Ronaldo or Messi dominance in goal scoring, this time, it was Haaland vs Mbappe. In ten Champions League appearances, Mbappe secured eight goals. Haaland had a mirror opposite of Mbappe, scoring ten in eight matches, ending up as the top scorer of the competition.



The Haaland – Mbappe duo scored nearly a hundred goals this season for club and country while the Messi – Ronaldo duo managed only near the eighty-goal mark. An indicator of the times to come. However, to be established as the best in the world, the two players need to break out from their current clubs and make a move to more challenging leagues and successful clubs.


Kylian Mbappe is already one of the most successful players on the planet. He is a world cup winner and a champion of France. His ability on the ball and his presence on the pitch is widely admired. Almost every club in the world wants the speedy forward but his stature has made him one of the most expensive players in the world.



Mbappe is directly involved in a goal every 70 minutes!! He averages a goal every game and has a conversion rate of 26 per cent, which is one among the best in Europe. However, there are many criticisms over the statistical comparison as many pundits and fans believe that the French League is not at par with the more competitive leagues in Europe.

Although PSG is one of the favourites to win the Champions League every year, they are the only side from France that do make a relevant claim. Teams from Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga and even Serie A have more than just one big name that makes a run for the title. Hence, to be among the Ballon d’Or worthy names, Mbappe needs to move to a much more competitive league like the Premier League or La Liga.



There has been immense speculation surrounding his transfer with Liverpool and Real Madrid being mentioned as the preferred destination. Although there aren’t many clubs in Europe that can afford the World Cup-winning teenager, it is possible to see him move as a free agent if he does not sign an extension within the next summer. PSG hierarchy is adamant about keeping the French international, but it would be a wise decision if the player does move to another league to prove his mettle even further.


The young Norwegian is in a rather different situation than Mbappe. Haaland is a high-value transfer just like Mbappe and is part of a rather young Dortmund side.  Borussia Dortmund will cash in on the player if they get the right amount from the respective buyer and it will be up to him and his agent as to where he lands next.




Haaland is steadily rising to be one of the greatest strikers in modern football. At just twenty years of age, he has a long career ahead of him and fans can expect a big-money signing in the near future. Erling Haaland has one of the best conversion rates of any attacker across Europe’s top five leagues. He is in fact, the best in Bundesliga barring the obvious Bayern Munich striker.



Despite being an influential figure in Dortmund and Bundesliga, there aren’t many notable club level trophies that the young man has to his name. There isn’t much hope at the international level for him either, unlike his rival Mbappe. Therefore, a move away from Dortmund, to a much more successful club, one that can win him the Champions League and the domestic league, would be the ideal destination for the striker.



Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and a long list of clubs have all been rumoured to have an interest in the striker. However, like Mbappe, Haaland also has a heavy bounty and thus it would be hard for many of the teams interested to make an offer considering the financial situation.


Haaland and Mbappe are the likely successors to the throne that Messi and Ronaldo leave behind. The two players have already put up numbers that suggest the same. However, like mentioned, to be recognized as the very best, they need to make a move to a much more alluring club.



It would definitely be an incredible sight to see the two players battle it out in the Premier League or perhaps even in an El Clasico. There are already many suitors that are linked to the players, but only a handful have the means to make the deal. The choice, however, rests in the players themselves.

The future holds an interesting story!

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