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Liverpool have always believed in the theory of backing their own. Since Klopp’s arrival at Anfield, players have been given their fair share of chances to showcase their talent in the middle of the park. While some players ended up winning the FIFA Puskas Award or the Premier League Golden Glove some of Klopp’s men had to be loaned out for them to grow into better and more experienced candidates.

But with the coronavirus pandemic landing financial blows on clubs it seems plain as day that Jurgen Klopp would want a few of his troops to don the Red jersey once again. The Reds have a total of seven players who are representing different teams all across Europe. But with a long-lasting injury list and fewer pounds to go to the transfer market with, a few of these could make a come-back to Anfield next season.

We take a look at those players who might have a shot at returning to their parent club and get a chance to play top-flight football once again.



English youngsters and outstanding Premier League performances are surely a match made in heaven. Try asking Mason Mount and Phil Foden who have guided their clubs to a Champions League finals. Or maybe ask Gareth Southgate who has such a difficult task to choose a team before the Euros because of the quality present in front of him.



Though one player who might be ready to showcase his actual potential to the world once again is Harvey Elliot. The ball seems to be glued to his feet whenever he decides to take on a defender. And Elliot’s presence on the team sheet means fans are about to see a whole lot of skills and dribbles with defenders mostly chasing shadows.

Once considered nothing less than a revelation, Elliot failed to make a mark in Klopp’s eyes. But the hot and cold form of Firmino, Jota, and Mane this season means the current Blackpool winger could be seen in the Red jersey all over again.

He’s nothing short of a technical magician when he is in charge of the ball. With Elliot showing bright signs before his departure it seems he could get a chance when he comes back under Klopp. If the youngster had to be described in one word he’s a true ‘Genius’. Possessing an eagle-like vision, Elliot makes sure his teammates are served with the perfect balls.



A generational talent who could easily fill in the shoes of great Liverpool strikers, the ex-Liverpool winger loves to switch positions with the striker. Worth-mentioning is how efficient he is when he’s the man with the ball. Though sometimes he’s wasteful in front of goal and that is the only back draw that could see him go back to the Liverpool bench all over again.

Whatever it is, Elliot’s return surely means that Klopp would have to choose between experience or young blood, or maybe he decides to serve them both to the oppositions.



This season, Klopp’s Liverpool had so many injuries sometimes it seemed they won’t be able to field a proper eleven. And their defensive line was the biggest victim of Liverpool’s injury headache. With almost every player once falling under the bracket of ‘injured’, Klopp will surely be ready to explore his options as he looks to conquer England once again.



And one player who could soon become a fan-favourite at Anfield is the 25-year-old defensive midfielder Marko Grujic. A player with tall height and commendable composure, Grujic could be a part of Klopp’s plans. With Wijnaldum and Fabinho both being on the wrong side of age, Grujic without a doubt could be the rejuvenation Klopp wants.

The Serb is nothing less than a fulcrum in the middle of the park. A helping hand in the attack, the lanky fellow is a beast when it comes to defending. You would rarely see an attacker get past him as he stands like a brick wall in front of the defence. His presence on the pitch for FC Porto has been nothing short of exceptional.

And if he features in the starting eleven he could ease some pressure that is put on Liverpool’s defence. Not to forget that he turns into a serious threat when it comes to set-pieces. Grujic could also decrease Alisson’s workload when it’s time for last-minute corners and Liverpool badly needs three points. Grujic could be a crucial fragment in Jurgen’s midfield bundle.



Reports coming out of Europe have suggested that Liam Millar might not be a part of Liverpool’s plan once again. The Canadian winger was gifted to Charlton Athletic and he did everything to impress the pundits. But it seems he has a long road in front of him.

\Jurgen Klopp has hinted that Liverpool isn’t interested in Millar’s services and wants to send him out on loan once again. And though it might seem a wise decision, Klopp might live to regret it later in the day. With 3 beautiful goals and 6 mouth-watering assists for the Addicks’ this season, Millar could have easily been a replacement for the ageing Liverpool midfield.



Fans at Anfield could have seen majestic through balls and crisp passing whenever the Liverpool u-23 captain would have worn the first team jersey. Millar’s mindset and instincts put him head and shoulders above the players at his age. He can hold on to the ball in the middle of the park and is one of the players whose main aim is to find the back of the net.



Millar could have been a perfect fit for Liverpool’s midfield puzzle and could also take the responsibility of a winger if the team requires. If Liam leaves once again, Liverpool will surely miss a gem of a player. 



Harry Wilson has been one of the most prominent players in England. The Welsh international was one of the key reasons for Bournemouth’s success throughout their Premier League journey. Though Eddie Howe and company couldn’t secure another season of Premier League football, Wilson made sure he didn’t leave without making a mark.

The 24-year-old was gifted to Cardiff City FC and the Welshman has had a decent season. With 3 goals to show in 13 games for the Bluebirds, he could surely attract Klopp’s eyes. Wilson could be the perfect secondary to the Egyptian king, Mo Salah if the Welsh International is given a chance.



The ex-Liverpool u-23 player is a pure reflection of the Egyptian, a vicious left-foot with an ability to run past a few rivals whilst leaving them dead and then curling the ball into the back of the net. Wilson’s contract at the Bluebirds expires this summer and a return looks inevitable and his addition to the Liverpool roster could make their bench a no-look zone. 



With a Golden Glove in his debut season and a galaxy of clean-sheets and saves in pivotal matches, it seems almost impossible that Liverpool would bench their star goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.

But with Liverpool having no strong backup in case Alisson has to join the injured list, the Reds would be looking to explore their options. And like mentioned Liverpool won’t be looking to do business with some other clubs and spend unnecessary bucks. Instead, the Reds would want to establish Grabara as a subordinate to Alisson.



A youngster who signed a professional contract with Liverpool at the age of 17 is now playing for Danish club Aarhus GF. But Klopp might need his services once his loan spell ends at the end of the season. Grabara has a CV that boasts of 7 clean sheets in just 19 matches. Not to forget that the Polish soaks pressure like a sponge.

Passing the ball to his defenders and receiving the ball in front of his goal has never scared him. He’s a cool customer when making saves for his team and can be a trustworthy man for Liverpool. But the number of goals he lets in can be a stumbling block if he is the man between the posts at Anfield.

The teenager has let in a whopping 17 goals in his time in Denmark which might be a cause of worry if he gets to join the main squad. With Adrian and on-loan Karius both possessing fidgety hands in front of goal, Grabara might be the perfect option for Liverpool.




Jurgen Klopp has a whole army of players who are ready to put everything on the line for Liverpool to succeed. An ‘Almost’ top-4 finish after a disastrous season for the Reds is a perfect example of their commitment.

But Klopp would surely need some young guns to lead the charge for him. And like mentioned age and money both are not in Liverpool’s team and surely they’ll have to bring a few players back to Anfield for them to showcase their talent and also boost the Reds roster.

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