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Do not be surprised when you are playing online poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, or any other game in an online casino, and then you bumper into Cristiano Ronaldo in the chat rooms. And we are talking about the real Ronaldo, not somebody with a pseudonym. To most of us, it would be excitement; the thought of playing with a celebrity, a famous footballer for that matter would put us over the moon.

But then we would be asking, what would be motivating Ronaldo or any other famous footballer to play new slots online or engage in any other online casino game? Is it the money, or what could it be? Experts point out that celebrities engage in online gambling for several reasons, some to pass time, others are in it to release some tension after some hard training while a significant number are in for the fun and thrill it provides. We have several players who engage in online gambling, some are into new online slots UK while others are playing a variety of other popular games online. In this article, we look into famous footballers who love to gamble in casinos.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Most of us know Ronaldo for his scoring prowess and the number of awards he has won over his career. We have seen him on the pitch, doing magic with his leg, or in some celebrity meets where he is promoting some merchandise. However, as this say, work with no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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For Ronaldo, playing football is synonymous with working, so when you meet him in the chatroom in an online poker game or one of the famous land-based casinos, that is his playtime. Ronaldo engages in gambling activities as a form of entertainment. He loves to be in the company of gamblers, the thrill, and excitement that casino games provide to a player may be another reason why the famous footballer is into online gambling. Among his favourite games include online poker, slot machine games, and roulette. 

The Portuguese national team player has been playing online poker for some time. According to an online magazine that recently published about his gambling endeavours, Ronaldo discovered that playing poker, just like football requires technique and strategy. He quickly learned these skills and became a great casino player. 

He has over time been competing with serious gamblers and on several occasions has won handsome amounts out of the games. For those who look up to the striker and admire his skills in football, there is something to learn. The player is not into gambling to make money and has been careful not to overindulge. This is one lesson that gamblers can pick from the famous footballer. 

Mario Balotelli

We probably know Mario Balotelli for his stunning performance in different clubs in Europe. Talking of his heydays in Manchester United, Liverpool, and AC Milan, the player has been on the list of the best scorers in all these clubs. He is not only good in the patch; he has shown great prowess in the tables too. 

He likes to spend time in casinos where he plays a variety of games. Unlike some of his counterparts, Mario Balotelli has found himself on the wrong side of the games, having lost millions in his wagering endeavours. When analysts try to explain the misfortune, some have been quoted saying that it is the order of the game where one should expect to lose. Others argued that Mario may have been just unlucky or may have chosen the wrong platforms.

Neymar Jr

For those who may not be privy to information about Neymar’s gambling endeavors, a story carried out by ESPN earlier this year, reported that the PSG player had made his World Series of Poker debut in Vegas. Commentators call it a major step into his secondary career. 

This was not the first time that Neymar was into this; in 2016 he earned a WSOP seat back winning a PokerStars tournament but could not continue to the main event as it crashed with his football timetable. With plenty of time to engage in casino games, the player seemed to enjoy himself as he took part in a three-day tournament. Neymar does not just participate in professional tournaments; he also plays leisurely with most of these games happening online.

Gianluigi Buffon

Like Mario Balotelli, Gianluigi Buffon is another Italian footballer who loves to gamble. The legendary goalkeeper engages in gambling for several reasons, including:

  • Fun and excitement where he likes the thrill that comes with this activity
  • As a way to raise money for charity
  • To get a glimpse of what he may venture into once he hangs his goalkeeping boots

Gerard Pique

He may be on his way out of competitive football, but Gerard Pique will be remembered for his superior defensive tactics. With retirement, perhaps now he can participate fully in poker tournaments. The Barcelona defender is known for his poker prowess, a casino game that he plays both for fun and competition.

Famous footballers are not just good on the soccer pitch; they are also making their names in the gambling sector. Some like Neymar and Gerard are into poker competition while others are into casino games for the fun and excitement. Gamblers have some vital lessons they can draw from these famous footballers.

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