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Football is the biggest sport in the world. It is the most played and the most watched sport internationally. It catches the attention of youngsters who want to pursue a dream of becoming a footballer one day. The FIFA World Cup has taken place every four years since its beginning in the year 1930.

The beautiful game, the supporters, the chants, the fans and the colours. The World Cup is a beautiful sight. The kits worn by the players on the pitch contribute a lot and they have their own history. Let’s look at the top 10 most iconic World Cup kits of all time.


1. France 1998 Home Kit

Zinedine Zidane holding the World Cup aloft in 1998 is a picture that tells the story of one of the best sides the nation has ever produced. It’s only suitable that Les Bleus are rightly renowned as one of the fashion capitals of the world, but this blue number with white and red stripes seared across the torso is one of Adidas’ finest efforts to date. The dark tones of the shirt are made to pop by the white shorts, and the stripes running down the sides of both jersey and bottoms alike is a nice touch.


2. Argentina 1986 Home Kit

Argentina jumped aboard the fashion train in the 1986 World Cup contributing to what is and probably will remain their finest World Cup shirt to date. Classic in essence, the baby blue and white stripes of the Albiceleste are really brought out by the blazing yellow of the country’s crest, in a kit that looks as far away from the scientifically enhanced jerseys of today as one can get. Diego Maradona wore it leading his country to World Cup glory.

3. England 1966 Away Kit

One of the most memorable strips ever to have appeared at a World Cup, England’s controversial triumph over West Germany in 1966 final came outside the conventional white of the Three Lions. Instead, Bobby Moore hauled the World Cup trophy above his head dressed in a plain red with white shorts and red socks. This picture truly remains one of the greatest and most iconic pictures in the history of football.


4. Holland 1974 Home Kit

The Dutch team of 1974, whose orange-and-black kit may not go down as smoothly with some as it will with others. There is a giant crest when compared with the logos of today, the Oranje’s strip looked particularly vibrant during this competition, and the black of the shorts and shirt stripes works perfectly in contrasting its brightness. The Netherlands are still yet to claim a World Cup tournament, and on this occasion slipped to a 2-1 defeat against West Germany in the final, but it was undoubtedly one of their most attractive failures ever.

5. Denmark 1986 Home Kit

Denmark’s first-ever appearance in a World Cup finals was marked with a bang, as the Danes modelled one of the finest shirt entries of that year. The offset stripes of the red-and-white jersey were very much a different direction at the time, the black neck trim being a nice addition, too. However, to avoid looking too close to pink, the more tempered red shorts add strength to the kit, which goes down as a risky but rewarding approach.

6. Italy 1978 Home Kit

The Azzurri have never been a side renowned for over-complicating matters on the pitch or getting awfully technical in terms of style. Their 1978 World Cup kit evoked that message in its easiest terms. “Blue and white” is all that’s to be said of the strip, which was good enough to get Italy to the semi-finals of that year and eventually finish as fourth-place runners-up. The crew neck design seems quintessentially Italian in this instance and, as most of the players flaunt in the attached image, long sleeves looked pretty swish, too.


7. Nigeria 2018 Home Kit

Before the start of the 2018 World Cup, everyone was talking about the Nigeria home kit. At the apex of streetwear fever, the queue outside Nike Town to three million pre-orders which were made for the shirt, just proves how big a deal it was. That zig-zag design, the shade of green, Alex Iwobi wearing it. It worked brilliantly.


8. West Germany 1990 Home Kit

Discarding the basic white, Die Mannschaft chose to instead splash a bit of colour on their kit, as the black, red and yellow of their national flag was introduced with an edgy pattern across the chest. It clearly worked for the triumphant Germans, also reminding us how fashion had improved in the 1990s. 


9. Cameroon 1990 Home Kit

The strip that’s perhaps most famous for the dance that Roger Milla brought to the world while wearing it, Cameroon’s 1990 effort is one of the best designs ever produced by an African nation. Called the Indomitable Lions for a reason, Cameroon went for a larger-than-usual feline-flavoured crest that year. The strip featured a very varied assortment of colours yet was pulled off to perfection. Bowing out of the competition at the quarter-final stage, the green, white and red of this kit made the African side one of the neutrals’ favourite teams of that particular World Cup.

10. Belgium 1982 Home Kit

Belgium must be paid respect for a classic, their 1982 kit being a fashion master class. We’re not completely sure as to the purpose of the yellow strips running from shoulder to thigh, but they look like lederhosen, and for that their design goes down as a success.

The V-neck approach can often be a winner, and here the Belgians really set their red colours alight with the addition of black and yellow trim around the fringes.

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