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The Italian Don, Carlo Ancelotti has decided to reunite with Los Blancos at the end of the summer. With Zidane being shown the exit door, Ancelotti became the new commander of Madrid. Ancelotti’s arrival in Spain meant that the manager’s throne at Goodison Park was left empty. Everton are now being linked with Ajax’s Erik Ten Hag, who is also being courted by Spurs apparently.




Ajax’s manager Erik Ten Hag has been deemed as the frontrunner for the job. The 51-year-old Dutch player turned manager is one of the best minds in the business. A glittering career at Ajax has made him one of the most desirable managers in the world who can be signed by clubs. Unfortunately, Ten Hag’s move to Everton might be a shaky decision and not a well-thought resolution.



An impeccable record with Ajax makes him the pick of the cherry but can his arrival change the scenario at Goodison Park or will he fail to make a mark in Premier League like other Dutch managers?




Does anyone remember when the duo of Ancelotti and newly-signed James Rodriguez took the Premier League by storm in the initial stages of this season? Everton was considered the next Leicester owing to their jaw-dropping performances. Unfortunately, they couldn’t carry on this form in the second half of the campaign. But Erik ten Hag could prove quintessential in this scenario. The perfect disciple of Johan Cruyff, Ten Hag epitomises the ideology of Total Football.




Ajax, the Sons of the Gods truly needed a son to guide the others, and Ten Hag has proved to be a gift sent by the almighty himself. Rattling the likes of Juventus and Real Madrid during a dream UCL 2 years back, Ajax has bolstered their position in Europe.



With an unbelievable 2.34 points in his 167 games in charge at the club, Ten Hag has proved to be undefeatable in Holland. And 2 Dutch Leagues, 2 Dutch Cup titles, and a Dutch Super Cup shield show what a valuable manager the Dutchman is.



The most wonderful thing about Ten Hag is his trust in youth. With just a handful of experienced campaigners at his service, Ten Hag made the Dutch club a reckoning force in Europe. If the manager joins Everton the gap between the U-23s and the main team can be bridged. He gives the youngsters time to perform at the biggest stage and showcase their raw talent.





Furthermore, Ten Hag’s an efficient manager who would need results every week and has the ideology of 0 excuses. Pushing each player’s limit to the edge, he could be considered as a dream manager owing to his shrewd managerial tactics.


Erik Ten Hag’s mouth-watering move to Goodison Park might make Everton appear like ‘Title Contenders’? Well, the answer is a complete no. The truth is, dark blue Everton ribbons on the PL trophy is a far-fetched dream seen by a few optimistic Everton fans. Ten Hag’s quality is unparalleled but the Dutch package does come with some issues.

Does the name Frank De Boer ring any bells? It surely will strike a chord in the minds of Crystal Palace fans. A true example of why Ten Hag’s perfect move to Everton could be a bane.

The current Netherlands manager, Frank De Boer was hired by the Eagles on the back of a flabbergasting managerial performance in Holland. What followed next was extraordinary, the man managed Palace for just 5 matches and was sacked in just 77 days.


Ten Hag could experience something of the same sort. His lack of experience on the big boy tables could cost Everton a fortune. The only place Ten Hag played against the big sharks was in the Champions League. But the atmosphere in the Premier League is different. Crossing swords with world-class opponents every week, protecting your team from unforeseen injuries, and also managing the European pressure.




Erik Hen Tag being a green horse his stint at the Goodison could be short-lived. And though Everton splashes a few bucks in the transfer market here and there, the money in Hen Tag’s hands will be minimal.

This would mean the Dutchman will have to utilise the resources available at the club with just a few new names on the roster. Furthermore, Ten Hag has constantly been linked to a manager-less Spurs. So will the Dutchman make a move to a strong South-London club and supervise the likes of Kane and Son or will he switch to Goodison Park is a question that has to be answered. Ten Hag would seemingly lean towards Spurs who have a squad better suited to his style of play. But the current unstable state of Tottenham will surely be a concern.


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