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Luis Segura Resigns As Argentine Football Association President After Copa America 2016 Defeat

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The president of the Argentina Football Association (AFA), Luis Segura, announced his resignation on Monday through a press release published by the association.

Segura is accused by Argentina’s justice system of embezzling the funds from the “Soccer for Everyone” program, which the government pays money to help with the transmission of the matches.

On Friday, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) announced it had sent a “normalization committee” which aims to address the AFA’s crisis.

Segura is in the United States, where Argentina lost the final of the 2016 Centennial Copa America on Sunday to Chile.

Segura’s time in the job would have expired on Thursday, but he presented his resignation on Monday, informed spokespersons for the AFA.

FIFA said through a press release that the committee would have been in-charge of “administrating the AFA’s daily activity and revising their statutes in order to adapt them to the latest version of FIFA’s model statutes,” as well as organizing elections which have to be held by June 30, 2016.

The AFA needs to be renewed and the television businessman Marcelo Tinelli, head of soccer club San Lorenzo, could be the next president of the association.

The crisis was evident during the Copa America when Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi, who resigned from the national team after losing the final, criticized the AFA’s leadership due to the lack of organization in terms of logistics.

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