Exclusive: Agent industry’s superwoman

Agents are often derided for their role in the hyper-commercialisation of football. Lindi Ngwenya is a breath of fresh air in an industry muddied by greed. She talks to FootTheBall about her journey as a football agent, and her desire to be a vehicle for social mobility in football.

Eder Sarabia exclusive

Eder Sarabia impressed Gerard Pique at one of the lowest ebbs of his career. Now he's rebuilding Pique's club FC Andorra with a stylish brand of football. He talks to FootTheBall in an exclusive tell-all interview to talk about his dreams, goals and career so far.

FC Andorra’s fairytale

FootTheBall takes you behind the scenes at FC Andorra. The Gerard Pique-owned club has seen a meteoric rise since the Barcelona defender made the club the "Crown Jewel" of his business empire. In EXCLUSIVE interviews with president Ferran Vilaseca and manager Eder Sarabia, get a look at Pique's vision for the club


  It is a telling fact that the oldest player in the England squad at...


It was a sunny Wednesday morning in Cobham in May this year. It was...

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  When Octagon started back in 1983, there were three companies who were globally representing professional sports players. Now the company count runs in the hundreds but Octagon has remained at the top of the...

Decoding agents’ mystique

FootTheBall talks to Clifford Bloxham in its exclusive series from FootTheBall Originals. He talks about the profession of being an agent, his years in the indusry and much more in this tell-all EXCLUSIVE interview!

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What is ‘Project Red Card’ ?

Data analytics has become an integral part of sports in the last decade or so. As technology around sports is evolving so are the questions regarding it. One such petition that looks to safeguard players from big firms collecting player data,called ‘Project Red Card’. In 2021 the petition gathered momentum.

Shakhtar’s newest star

For years, Shakhtar Donetsk have been one of the most successful talent factories in Europe. Fernandinho, Willian, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Oleksander Zinchenko...