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No matter what team you most enjoy watching, the chance to play some football games is sure to appeal to you. Thankfully, there are as many ways of enjoying football games as you could hope for. What are some of the most interesting approaches you might like to try?


Soccer Legends 2021

There are many different football games you can play for free online. Most of them have simple gameplay and are more like arcade versions than realistic football simulators. Soccer Legends is a good example of this genre, as you get a side-on view of the playing field and you can play either 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 matches.

With simple controls, all you want to do is get your timing right so that you can blast the ball into the goal that’s on a slightly raised level to the rest of the playing area. A special kick produces a rocket shot that can’t be stopped, although you need to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. There’s no need for sophisticated tactics of football knowledge here.

The World Cup Football Slot

Slot games have been hugely popular across the world for decades, but you might not realize that you play at an online casino for real money with different themes. Sports are well-represented, so it’s no surprise to see the world’s most popular sport covered in the World Cup Football slot where the background is a stadium filled with cheering fans. Like many slots, there are five reels, which are each filled with four rows of symbols.

The four top-paying symbols feature different players, and you win if you get at least two instances of the same player across any of the 50 pay lines. A wild symbol featuring a trophy can replace any paying image, acting sort of like a joker. There’s also a scatter image and with three of them anywhere on reels 1, 3, or 5 you get awarded a set of free spins where you could potentially pick up some big wins without betting any more money.

Pitch Side Manager

Management games are extremely popular too, as they give you a way of taking control of a team and deciding how you want them to play. Some of the most popular paid versions include hugely in-depth games such as Football Manager 2023, which received mixed reviews due to the lack of serious enhancements from last year. Free online versions tend to be somewhat more straightforward.

Pitch Side Manager is a free, multiplayer game with no ads. There’s no download needed, meaning that you can go back and play it online wherever you are and at any time. You can improve your team’s chances of success through tasks such as buying and selling players and then training your squad.

Among the interesting features, you get the chance to design and create your stadium and its facilities. You can also choose how to build up your youth team to try and provide the next generation of players. When it comes to the actual games, you decide what tactics to use and then receive detailed match reports showing how it worked out. Play up to two games every day and start a new season each month.

FIFA 2023 Online

The FIFA series of games from EA Sports is the most successful franchise of sports video games in history, so it’s no wonder that many players are keen to test their skills online. Provided that you’ve got a PlayStation Plus subscription or are an Xbox Live Gold member, you can choose the online option and look for friends or choose the random opponents option.

You can also take part in online Ultimate Team tournaments. These are generally free to enter and give you the chance to make your way up the leaderboard by winning games. FIFA has also become a popular game in the esports world, with pro players from around the planet taking part in competitive games against others.

With this series losing its official title from this year onwards, it isn’t clear what the future holds for players. EA Sports FC is the name of the new game from this developer, and we can expect it to include an online feature where you can play against others. With many top footballers also being avid gamers, it’s not just the fans waiting to see what happens with this franchise.

Which Game Should You Choose?

Each of these football games is worth trying, with different ways of playing, meaning that each presents a unique challenge when you want to play in a certain way. If you want to gamble, then the World Cup slot is a fast-paced game with an interesting atmosphere. The Soccer Legends title is fast and furious, while Pitch Side Manager gives you a chance to show your tactical knowledge. FIFA 23 is a massively trendy way of playing the sport, but with uncertainty over its future, we should see other online games of this type emerge.

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