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While AC Milan lost their beloved Italian crown to neighbour Inter, a silver-medal and Champions League spot might be a sign of triumph for the Rossoneri. While the Champions League adds to the jam-packed summer of football for the Italians, Pioli needs to ensure that Milan’s has a rejuvenated roster before the Italian and European summer begins. It’s time to analyse the players AC Milan could sell to bolster their chances of European glory.



While the Italian crown lies in Inter’s hands, AC Milan will surely look to snatch it back from their neighbours’. The middle of the decade saw Milan’s downfall but new signings last summer ensured that Milan was breathing a new life.  We at FootTheBall take a look at who could be the players AC Milan can sell to regain the Italian throne.






Dross in Milan’s star-studded roster, Samuel Castillejo’s tenure at San Siro might be coming to an end. Along with Carlos Bacca and Cedric Bakamabu, the Villareal winger formed a formidable partnership destroying Spanish defences at will. The swashbuckling Spaniard demolished defences at his time in Spain.



Castillejos ability to startle defenders as he runs at them is undeniable. He’s not frightened to sneak across and stream at defenders trying to cut short his adventures. The Spaniard scoops up the football in the centre circle, but five seconds later you’ll see him gliding past defenders with his trickery and then unleashing a mouth-watering shot trying to dismantle the opposition’s frame.


But all the potential of Castillejo has gone to waste, as, from Spain’s prodigy, the 26-year-old turned to Milan’s benchwarmer in no time. This Italian summer, Stefano Pioli gave the right-winger numerous opportunities to showcase his talent and value. But Castillejo faltered at the right time, rattling his chronicle for a comeback. While Braham Diaz dictated San Siro’s attacking charges, Castillejo sat back trying to quench his goal hunger. With just a single goal and assist throughout the Serie-A campaign, the Spaniard ensured that Milan would look for buyers for the winger. Although after the shambolic Italian campaign, Castillejo would rarely bring an attractive offer, a loan-move away from Italy could solve Milan’s and Samu Castillejo’s headaches.







AC Milan’s midfield tank, Franck Kessie has been the ballast of strength for the Italians for numerous years now. For Milan, Kessie has operated a box-to-box position on the right flank or the centre, switching between protective and aggressive responsibilities. He has been particularly efficient for Milan in closing off movement in the centre and applying pressure on the rival. But with Kessie constantly being thrown under the bus, it’s time for the Ivorian to pack his bags and find shelter somewhere else.



Franck Kessie is a midfielder who wants to weave his magic in the Champions League every year, but the Rossoneri have failed to reach Europe’s biggest competition. Kessie and Milan earned a Champions League place this summer but the midfielder’s journey with the Italians might already be finished. He may be considered invincible at times, making it difficult for his adversaries to handle the midfielder. Kessié’s finest quality is undoubtedly his lateral sprinting: he is smart and quick while dedicating himself to going between the defensive structures, where he can pounce on vicious balls and fire rockets with his eyes closed.



Franck’s two-footedness renders him a difficult figure for goalkeepers and centre-backs to anticipate since he has a strong shot. While Milan might not suit him, clubs like Barcelona and Arsenal might see Kessie as the ideal choice for their roster. The Catalans have magically gifted midfielders but lack the strength in the centre, whereas the Gunners might need Granit Xhaxa’s replacements if the Swiss depart for Rome.








A debatable option, club captain Alessio Romagnoli could be seen departing from Italy after the centre-back had a disastrous summer last campaign. Romagnoli entered San Siro from Roma, as a young prospect but the Italian soon established his authority in Italy. But after a few shambolic outings, the leader of the pack was thrown to the bench by manager Stefano Pioli. Fikayo Tomori, on-loan from Stamford Bridge displaced the Italian as Milan’s first-choice centre-back. Romagnoli was chained with a track record as a participant who could become a cornerstone of the defensive organisation for a handful of years when he showed up at Milan for a fee of €25 million in 2015.



His talent and rising tendency were so tremendous that, judging on his initial achievements in San Siro, it was just a period before he became unmovable in the senior squad as well. The issue at Milan is the centre-back duo of Simon Kjaer and Alessio Romagnoli don’t terminate each other’s mistakes. While Theo Hernandez’s flamboyance and continuous gallops up-front leave Romagnoli defending all alone. While Tomori, in his loan tenure at Milan demonstrated why he could fulfil Milan’s aspirations, more than Romagnoli.




Tomori’s signing explains why Pioli trusts the English centre-back blindly and why things are falling for Romagnoli. While interests from Spain and Barcelona might lure Romagnoli towards a new challenge with Camp Nou looking for a revamped backline. Barcelona won’t mind splashing a decent amount for the centre-back or Milan could get one or two midfielders from the bargain, something the Italians would prefer. Romagnoli could be one of the players AC Milan would sell after the interests he’s attracted from Europe.


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