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BREAKING: Chinese Investors To Buy Sunderland FC In The Coming Weeks

FootTheBall sources have claimed that a group of Chinese investors are on the verge of buying Premier League club FC.

Earlier there were reports that a group of Chinese investors were eyeing Premier League giants , but that rumour was dismissed by ’s American owners.Sunderland

According to FootTheBall sources the Chinese team is now eyeing to buy English top-tier veterans Sunderland FC.

High-profile analyst and commentator Professor Simon Chadwick also confirmed the news on his Twitter handle that Chinese investors are in advance stages of buying a high-profile English club.chadwick

Sunderland have gradually made a name for themselves as one of world’s wealthiest football brands and were valued at a whooping $93 million in 2014.

Sunderland is currently owned by Irish-American businessman Ellis Short, who is also the chairman of the Black Cats.

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