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One of the best ways to make sports matches more exciting and fun to spectate is to place wagers on a team or certain outcome. There are way more betting options today than ever before, and one of the most popular ways of wagering among sports enthusiasts is to place live bets. Moreover, you can easily place any bet by using an app or an online platform that belongs to a sports operator or a casino.



On the surface, these might look the same but bear in mind that it really matters who you choose as your sports betting operator. You will have a way better time if you pick some of the best casinos with sports betting options because you can get all sorts of bonuses. Here we will be focusing on the US market and go over a list of the best sports betting apps that you can use to place wagers on your favourite games.



This is actually one of the leading sports betting sites in the US and they also have fantasy sports content. In fact, fantasy sports is how DraftKings got famous in the first place, and then they expanded on the betting market.

Moreover, this app was released back in 2012, so it’s not even a decade old, and yet in this short time period, the company managed to become a dominant force on the market. It would have been an absolute leader if the merger with FanDuel wasn’t abandoned. The reason why this never went through is that the merger would create a company that holds 90% of the fantasy sports market, and it would be unfair towards other operators.



On top of their successful business history, DraftKings offer quite generous user bonuses and promotions. As far as fantasy sports go they have NHL, NFL, MMA, MLB, Soccer, and much more. It’s a solid option for any beginner, and you can have loads of fun even when there aren’t any exciting matches to wager on.



Another very popular platform in the US that started out as a standalone company back in 2009. In 2018, it was acquired by Flutter Entertainment, which is a company that Paddy Power and Betfair created when they linked up. Much like DraftKings, this is another provider that dominates the fantasy sports market, and it has a massive and loyal fan base.



In Tennessee, online gambling was legalized in 2019, and FanDuel managed to take that new market by storm. Today it is one of the top Tennessee sports betting apps, and it has one of the best promotions for new players. Those who make an account with FanDuel can receive a $1000 risk-free bet. In other words, users will receive a refund for up to $1000 if they lose on a wager placed with FanDuel. This is really an incredible deal, for both casual players and big spenders.



Online gambling became legal in 2017 In the state of Pennsylvania, so many of the existing US operators tried to penetrate that market. The reason why Fox Bet is ranked so high is that they launched their platform in September 2019, and they’ve achieved incredible success within that short time period.



They have an incredibly solid relationship with the media which allows them to invite sports experts, arrange live bets, and really provide educational content for those who are just got into this hobby.

If you wish to learn more about Fox Bet and its success then read this article about PA top mobile betting apps, and you will find out about other operators that are popular there as well. Moreover, they offer a similar deal like FanDuel but the risk-free bet is only for up to $500, which is not as generous, but still very good.



BetAmerica definitely held an advantage over other operators in the US. As states reevaluated their position on online gambling and decided to make it legal, BetAmerica was already a well-established and recognizable brand. They started out like a dog and horse racing betting provider, and they later partnered up with Presque Isle Downs & Casino.



They have been around for over 10 years and they are one of the few providers that boast amazing options for horse betting, sports wagering, and casino games. Moreover, they offer generous bonuses for all player types, which means there is no shortage of gamblers here. One of the reasons why they are not at the very top is fees that players need to pay on almost any deposit.



These were some of the best mobile apps for sports betting as far as the US market goes. The best thing you can do is create an account on each of these platforms, and claim their bonuses to make the best out of your deposit. You can also compare their odds ahead of any match to figure out where you can get the highest reward for your wager.


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