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With the knockout puzzle falling to its places, the Germany looked to conquer Europe once again, while dark horses Hungary stared at a difficult opportunity lying in front of them.

The heavens had already burst open in Munich, with a blockbuster of a game on the cards. Die Mannschaft looked to bulldoze upon the Hungarian dreams.



Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich slammed a strike from the tightest of angles testing Peter Gulacsi. There existed immense amounts of pressure on those inexperienced Hungarian shoulders as the German arsenal fabricated billions of chances.

But Marco Rossi’s Hungary were, compact, and cramped down backline constantly frustrated Loew’s poachers. With no breathing space available, a lacklustre Germany failed to initiate their Plan-B.

Hungary shocked the footballing world after just 10 minutes when Adam Szalai broke the hearts of the screaming fans in the Allianz Arena. A jaw-dropping header to trounce Manuel Neuer gave Hungary a shocking 1-0 lead.




Though Germany never backed down, Hungary’s towering defenders were a proper headache for Sane and Gnabry who failed to find those sneaky runs as the referee blew for half-time with the scoreline standing at 1-0.




The first-half entertainment against reigning European Champions and a world-class stalemate against the World Champions, Hungary’s ‘Hunger’ was on showcase in Group-F. When Hungary locked horns with 2014 World Champions Germany, a nonchalant display looked evident. While the Germans fancied their chances of another demolition, Hungary looked to sneak into the knockouts while spoiling a ‘Tournament Favorites’ party.



Right off the bat, Joachim Low’s men looked ravenous, but 11 valiant Hungarians slammed the door on them. Constantly moving the ball through the backline Germany looked for openings but the striking duo of Gnabry and Sane rarely found an inch of space by a well marshaled Hungary side . With counter-attacking being Hungary’s only option, the Nemzeti Tizenegy capitalised on an electrifying counter. A movement of pinball between the German attackers gave Hungary the perfect opening. Stitching a handful of divine passes, Hungary remarkably played a second of football in the German half.




With Hummels and Rudiger racing back like Formula-1 cars, pockets of space opened up for Hungary’s strikers. A mouth-watering delivery from Roland Sallai, between Die Manschaaft’s towering defensive-duo, invited Adam Szalai to smash it. And the Mainz forward received the invitation with both hands or should I say with his head. A thunderous header as a leaping Manuel Neuer couldn’t terminate Szalia’s name from tomorrow’s headlines. A 1-0 headstart that Hungary carried on with them to their dressing room at the break as Germany must have been baffled at half time.


But after the break, Germany began hunting once again as they created a galaxy of opportunities. Kai Havertz’s wonderful header brought the Germans back into the game for 10 seconds as Schafer gave Hungary another reason to smile, bulging Neuer’s net.



After minutes of hard work, Germany scored once again courtesy of a Leon Goretzka masterclass. A thundering strike to beat Gulacsi, as the Hungarians fell to their knees.

The feisty rivals had been shut down by an experienced outfit as the fire of Hungary was sent home whereas the Germans prepared to lock horns with Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions next week.




A Joachim Low thrashing at the break, kindled the German outfit. The Germans were already manufacturing attacks after attacks but the Hungarian defence proved to be a headache the whole night. Havertz and Gnabry, instead of hunting for goals, were left hunting for space behind the backline. Los Blanco’s magician Toni Kroos couldn’t weave his masterclass at the Allianz Arena whereas Ginter, Hummels and Rudiger played numerous balls to each other without increasing the team’s productivity.



With just half an hour left on the clock, the German minds started calculating and juggling with numerical. Portugal’s scoreline against France, relived the hopes as a stalemate looked possible. Unpredictable and capricious German attacks finally reaped the result Joachim Low and the whole of Munich anticipated in the first place. Joshua Kimmich, the fulcrum of Die Mannschaft, lobbed a beautiful cross as Hummels and Gulacsi went for the aerial battle.




The Borussia Dortmund defender was quicker than the Hungarian as Gulacsi missed punch meant Kai Havertz had an empty goal in front of him. The UCL winner mirrored his Champions League final daring with his 2nd goal of the tournament to equalize the scoring for his squad. Well! The last throw of the dice worked as a scrappy move could have destroyed a fairytale. With the scoreline level in Germany and France, the 2014 World Cup winners looked on the road to secure a knockout round ticket.



Just seconds after the Germans had finished their celebrations, Hungary bagged another goal with an outstanding cross from the Hungarian half. Kai Havertz and Serge Gnabry’s departure introduced Werner and Muller on the pitch, as the Germans switched off for a second. A deceitful dart into the German box by Andras Schafer fooled the backline as a rushing Neuer couldn’t shield Schafer’s thrashing header.



Leroy Sane’s shirt-pulling tactic didn’t terminate Schafer’s pursuit of the uplifted ball. With a sparkle in his eyes, dreams in his mind, and a gaping goal in front of him the Hungarian midfielder didn’t disappoint, scoring the second goal and giving the fighters the lead for the second time in the tie. Although the Germans weren’t leaving Allianz Arena without a fight. The world waited for Toni Kroos’ freekick moment in the dying seconds of the game. Low’s army came agonisingly close but failed to find the back of the net.



Chance after chance after chance, the tired Hungarian legs couldn’t stop the German thrust for long. Newly introduced injection of pace and youth demolished Hungary’s last hopes. A drilling shot by Leon Goretzka after Timo Werner’s had been blocked equalised the scoring once again. Oof! The stadium erupted, the fans could have galloped on the pitch to hug the Bayern Munich defender who got Germany out of jail. A fierce tie ended 2-2 as the ‘Group of Death’ ended in the perfect of ways.

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