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After a goalscoring carnival in Amsterdam, the world switched to England as the brand-new ‘Tournament favourites’ Italy locked swords with a bloomed Austria.


Robert Mancini’s Italian army brushed aside a spirited Austrian side by 2-1 as the Italy manager pulled off a masterclass as they strained Austria.



The Italians were presented with a galaxy of chances before the break but the ecstatic duo of Inisigne and Immobile couldn’t pounce onto it. While the Austrians traumatised Italy’s silverware dreams from time to time giving them mini heart-attacks throughout the 90 minutes.


After facing a one-match suspension, a starving Marco Arnautovic looked hungry for goals and Wembley’s majestic setting could have been the perfect timing for him to bag his second goal in Europe’s summer fiesta. The Shanghai Port forward bamboozled the Italian defence heading his team home but VAR chalked off the magnificent goal.



The Italians couldn’t replicate their first-half display as the Azzurri’s chased shadows throughout the second half. The 90 minutes of football couldn’t produce a piece of a headline as the two teams headed into the tunnel still struggling to dismantle the net. With extra time on the cards, the fans remained glued to their television sets waiting for a winner out of the jaw-dropping fixture.


Roberto Mancini’s magical substitute Federico Chiesa finally broke the deadlock in the 95th minute of the game. A thumping strike to batter the Austrian stopper as the Italians burst ecstatically. The Italian sorcery didn’t end here as Matteo Pessina doubled the advantage with a thunderous rocket smashing the roof of the net.



The drama didn’t come to a close as Austria bulged the Italian net with 6 minutes remaining as Austria looked for an opening. Unfortunately, their hard-fought battle ended with an unfortunate loss.




Although Robert Mancini’s goalscoring account looked empty at the break, the first half showed glimpses of a ruthless- Italian movie. Starring Leonardo Spinazzola, the Italian troubled David Alaba and company throughout the night. Mancini’s Pocket-dynamite, Lorenzo Insigne intertwined his wizardry on Wembley’s pitch. While Veratti’s flamboyance absorbed the goading, damaging the Austrian defence. Das Team’s aggressive pressure embarrassing Bonucci in the first few seconds explained why Franco Foda’s squad could prove to be a challenging task.



Ciro Immobile, Insigne, Barella could have easily registered their names on the scoreline but Austria’s resilient backline broke their hearts. Italy’s habit of demolishing opponents in the group stage had raised the bar too high but Austria’s defensive discipline deserves the commendation. The centre-back duo of Hinteregger and Dragovic pocketed the Italian forwards while the show-stopper Daniel Bachmann looked brawny between the posts.





The Italians faltered to convert their half-chances with only Barella haunting Bachmann’s net. A thunderous strike from outside the boot required the Watford keeper to propose his killer instincts. Immobile’s divine strike rattled the post instead of sneaking in. A stalemate at half-time might cost Mancini’s men their pizza party.




Don’t know what Foda injected in his Austrian players but the eleven men converted themselves into machines as soon as Anthony Taylor’s second-half whistle blew. Threatening the Italian defence isn’t a facile piece of work. The underdogs battled bravely to conquer the Italian empire fabricating countless mouth-watering chances. Mirroring their rivals first-half display, the Austrian’s had a challenge in front of them. The objective was to bulge Donarruma’s net while also erupting England.





The Austrian endeavour almost bulldozed Italy’s fairytale. Marco Arnautovic’s thunderbolt header disturbed Arnautovic’s net as the Italians conceded a goal after ages. Donald Trump was ruling the USA the last time an opposite number hindered Donarumma’s clean-sheet. But VAR’s interruption spoiled the Austrian party as Arnautovic was deemed off-side by the technology.




The 2 headers paved the way for the Austrians but unfortunately, they just headed for disappointment. But the venture didn’t terminate here as the Italians rarely dictated the pitch. The golden chapter in Austria’s history books seemed possible while clouds loomed large over the Italian’s anecdote.




A chronicle for the ages, Austria’s astounding showing against the Italian devils hinted towards one. Unfortunately Juventus’ revelation of the campaign, Federico Chiesa shattered their dreams in a split second. A popular figure in the Italian media, Chiesa was the Italian Jack Grealish. The newspapers screamed at Roberto Mancini, almost begging him to feature the Italian on the team sheet. But the managerial grandmaster planned each move with utmost perfection.



While the Austrian pawns concentrated on the Italian kings, Mancini’s bishop clouded Austria’s goal. The powerhouses found Chiesa in a hint of space on the right-flank who diligently received the ball from his chest. Stamped the ball onto the ground to beat a rushing Austrian defender before curling the ball in Bachmann’s net. The jubilation of the eleven Italians represented a country’s dreams.



Roberto Mancini’s second bishop, Matteo Pessina engraved the painting on the wall. Caught on the counter-attack, Pessina’s patience disrupted the Austrian defence as Bachmann once again witnessed the ball gliding past him into the back of the net. With a winning goal against Gareth Bale’s dragons and a majestic strike in the knockouts, Pessina had established himself in Italy’s history books.




While the world concentrated on the goalscorers, the protagonist of the match faded away. Roberto Mancini’s mastery after the 90 minutes liberated the Italian fortress. Dazzling substitutions and excellent tactics, the man soaked Austria’s dominance while silently destroying their citadel. Mancini’s revamped Italy bulldozed Austria  at Wembley.



Although Mancini couldn’t restore his clean-sheets records. Donnarumma eventually had something to pick out of his net as Kalajdzic snatched a goal for Austria. A sneaky header to beat the Milan goalkeeper reduced the  advantage Italy held but with just a few minutes left on the clock, it was too little too late for Austria.

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