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The Bavarian DNA

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Mia San Mia. Like Barcelona’s “Mes Que Un Club“, Real Madrid’s “Hala Madrid y nada mas” Liverpool’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone“, the Bavarian slogan is an integral part of Bayern Munich. The motto was famous during Bayern Munich’s 1987 European Cup final run. During that season, Hans Pflugler, Hansi Dorfner and Ludwig Kogl would incorporate the Mia San Mia slogan into post-match celebrations.

While Mia San Mia didn’t help them win the cup (Bayern lost 2-1 to Porto in the final), it became ingrained in the club’s philosophy. The motto explains the club’s rich history, will to win, and incredible self-confidence. But what does Mia San Mia mean?

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Mia San Mia meaning 

The motto has been brought from the German “Wir sind wir”. This roughly translates to English as “We are who we are”. The motto has its roots in the military slogans of the Austrian army. In a statement to DW, former player and current CEO of the club, Oliver Kahn, explained the importance of the motto. Kahn said that the motto was a source of inspiration and self-belief not bordering on arrogance. “It also means to carry the envy and jealousy of half a country on your shoulders,” Kahn said.

The motto also manifests Bayern’s identity as the cub that always demands the best. So, naturally, the best players play at the club, the club has the best facilities, and the club requires the best.

The motto has been so steeped in the club’s philosophy that in 2010 the club came out with 16 golden rules on the philosophy. Ironically, this also came in a season when Bayern Munich reached the final on the continental stage before losing it (to Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan).

The principles are written on a wall at the club’s Säbener Straße training base.

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Mia san Mia and Bayern- The 16 principles 

  • Mia san ein Verein: This motto means “We are one club”. It signifies that every player is because of the club and has the responsibility in Bayern’s club.
  • Mia san Botschafter: This means “We are all club’s ambassadors”. This means that every club member, be it a player, manager, or staff has to follow the club’s values and always help prosper Bayern’s image.
  • Mia san Vorbilder: This means that “We are role models”. This slogan reminds players and staff of the responsibilities of their position—the players and staff act as role models for not only the young players but also fans.
  • Mia san Innovation: This means that “We are innovation”. This slogan reminds everyone at the club of the need to innovate with changing times, on or off the field.
  • Mia san Selbstvertrauen: This means that “We are self-belief. This slogan encourages players and staff always to aim high. The saying also calls for everyone to believe in themselves and not be deterred by any challenge,
  • Mia san grenzenlos: This means that “We are diversity”. Throughout their history, the club have witnessed some brilliant talents from around the world. And this is an integral part of the club, which has accepted players without discriminating against them based on race, religion, or colour.

  • Mia san Fußball: This means that “We are football”. This has an interesting story behind it. The club was formed in 1900 when several members of Munchner TurnVerein 1879, a gymnastic club, left it to create their club. This happened because the club did not align any importance to football and thus didn’t allow players from their team to join the German Football Association. And thus, this slogan reminds them of those times and to never forget the club’s roots.
  • Mia san Respekt: This means that “We are respected”. The motto says that everyone at the club, be it players, managers, staff, or fans, have to give and take respect for the club to have a friendly environment.
  • Mia san Freude: This means that “We are joy”. The principle is that apart from being good, the players should also love to play for the club. It also says that the football players should be good as the games entertain the fans.

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  • Mia san Treue: This means that “We are loyal”. This motto is aimed at the club’s management, coaching staff, and fans. It means each player will get his fair share of chances at the club, even if he is from the youth academy. The same goes for the fans who continually support the club no matter the situation.
  • Mia san Partner: This means that “We are partners”. An extension of the previous slogan, this one calls for everyone at the club to support each other in victory and defeat.
  • Mia san Heimat: This means that “We are home-loving. Furthermore, it signifies the love of the club for the city of Munich and uses the club to project a positive image of the city.
  • Mia san Motor: This means that “We are dynamic”. Similar to Mia san Innovation, this motto calls for the club to evolve with time. Despite being one of the most successful clubs in the world, everyone at the club should strive for better.
  • Mia san Verantwortung: This means “We are responsibility”. This principle calls for people to be responsible for their actions and set an example for others, whether in success or failure.
  • Mia san Familie: This means that “We are family”: Most importantly, we are one family, sharing in everything for the rest of our lives. Once a Bavarian, always a Bavarian.

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Besides this, the club also tries to listen to their fans. The Bundesliga has a 50 plus 1 rule which bars any single investor from having a stake of more than 50 per cent in the club. Therefore, the club was among the few that rejected the Super League idea. Mia San Mia also inspired the idea behind this rejection. Bayern are a club that believe in fair play and openness in competition.


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