Farmers League

What is a ‘Farmers League’ in football and which leagues go by this term?

The German and the French are one of the top five European leagues across the world. But very often, they have been referred to as the ‘FARMERS LEAGUE’ . Why and how did that happen?

The top-tier of French football has always been accused of being a one-horse race with a single top side dominating the league at any given time. Ligue 1 has been dubbed the ‘Farmers’ League’ by several football fans for years due to its perceived lack of quality and with winning seven successive top-flight titles by large margins.



It has been evident that and PSG have been dominating their domestic league in consecutive seasons. Despite the odd slow start they make to their league campaign, they eventually catch up to their rivals and end up winning the title. had won the French Ligue 1 for an instance for seven consecutive seasons in the 2000s before the middle-eastern millionaires came in for Les Parisians, which changed the tide towards the Paris club.

The same could be said of the Bavarian club except for the time that Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund that won it on a couple of occasions. Apart from that, the Bavarian giants have been dominant. Both PSG and Bayern had swept all the domestic trophies in front of them last season and added the Champions League to their kitty as the icing on the cake.



The term ‘Farmers League’ is used to describe a particular league by fans of rival leagues in a comical manner with an edge of mockery and banter.


what is a farmers league

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Its definition is rather straightforward; where fans refer to that specific league as a ‘farmers league’, they jokingly suggest that it is a competition made up of people who take up “actual farming” as their FULL-TIME JOB and then play football after their respective shifts. Thus, they hint that the players from these leagues aren’t as skilled or good enough as compared to other footballers in the other top five European leagues.

‘Farmers league’ is used in a mean and derogatory way to look down upon these leagues, as certain spectators feel that it is also a league that is unfairly dominated by a single top club. PSG and Bayern Munich have dominated their respective leagues in recent years, and the league seems to be capable of being only dominated by just one club during a certain period.



Since the 2012-13 season, PSG have comfortably won the league on each occasion by a mile except for one season in 2016-17 where Monaco pipped them to the title. Since then, they have continued their dominance and they look to be dominators of France for the near future with their financial backing and talented stars.

In European football, there is this term fans use, known as “Top 5 Leagues” which includes the likes of the , , Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. Of these European leagues, fans accuse Ligue 1 of being a ‘farmers league’. Due to the aforementioned reason of PSG’s dominance, it is generally considered that Ligue 1 is the least elite of the competitions.

Recently, though, the investments in PSG and Monaco through wealthy owners have resulted in Ligue 1 becoming a more attractive proposition to world-class talents. However, the issue of certain clubs always dominating at the top still sticks with rival fans and hence the term ‘farmers league’.



However, last season, Kylian Mbappe had hit back at criticism over the quality of Ligue 1 as two French clubs played in the Champions League semi-finals and no English, Spanish or Italian sides qualified for that stage.

Lyon upset the odds by securing a 3-1 win over Man City, while Paris Saint-Germain scored two late goals to knock out Atalanta in a dramatic round of quarter-finals. Lyon, PSG, RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich were the semi-finalist in last season’s UCL; making it and all German-French last four in the competition.

With two French clubs participating in this year’s Champions League semi-finals, PSG star Mbappe could not resist a sly jibe. He tweeted ‘FARMERS LEAGUE’ with a clown face emoji, while also congratulating Lyon for their quarter-final success over Manchester City.



The term ‘French League’ could also be given to the Italian Serie A that has seen win 9 consecutive titles.

But the fact remains that the Serie A titles have been shared among many clubs long before Juventus became the dominant force they are now. For instance, last season Juventus just edged out Inter Milan to the Serie A title, with the San Siro club missing out on the Scudetto by just ONE point. Such was the message sent out there, that it cost Maurizio Sarri his job despite winning his first Serie A title. Hardly has there been a clean sweep of the domestic titles in the Serie A season after season. This makes it more competitive than the Bundesliga and Ligue 1.


Farmers League

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But the same cannot be said about Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, where it has been a regular occurrence in both leagues over the years. Bayern and PSG have been flying away with the domestic titles and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Premier League fans have recently branded the La Liga as a ‘farmers league’ following Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea’s Champions League victory over Atletico Madrid. Barcelona were thrashed by Paris Saint-Germain, while Borussia Dortmund were knocked out by Sevilla.

This does not paint a good picture for La Liga as Atletico Madrid who sit on top of the league were comprehensively beaten by the London giants. What’s more, the aggregate score between Premier League and La Liga teams in Europe this season is 11-0

Although, the last two winners have hailed from England (Liverpool) and Germany (Bayern Munich) with Spain pinning their hopes on Zinedine Zidane’s outfit this term. Defending champions Bayern and current Premier League leaders Manchester City are among the favorites to win this season’s Champions League.

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