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Why Women Are Still Being Blocked From The Top Jobs In Football

Although the world of English football has long been considered a man’s world, women now make up a sizeable proportion of football players and fans. But despite this, the football boardroom still remains a distinctly male domain.

Football Transfer Rumours: The Science Behind It

The World Cup years are always the hottest time for transfer rumours; nevertheless, even when there are no major tournaments taking place, “who goes where and for what” is perpetually on the lips of fans, the screens of newspaper editors, and in the minds of players and agents.

Premier League: The High Risk Gambling Industry

Judgement about responsible drinking can be determined by using the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) information on the label of bottles. But how can we determine the strength of a football bet?

Susanna Dinnage’s Premier League Snub: A Missed Opportunity?

Susanna Dinnage made her name in broadcasting rather than the world of football but is now the most powerful woman in English professional sport despite English Football Association's, criticism for apparent apathy towards the inclusion and progression of women.

African Cup Of Nations 2019: Cameroon’s Turmoil

The proud footballing nation of Cameroon is under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons being stripped of hosting rights for the 2019 edition of AFCON due to delays and security issues

Spread The Joy To Players: Reduce Matches, Reduce Injuries During Festive Season

English football is unique in that it has a high number of fixtures, particularly during the festive period when European teams get a mid-season break.

Using AI For Smarter Football Coaching, The Chelsea Way

The best footballers aren’t necessarily the ones with the best physical skills. The difference between success and failure in football often lies in the ability to make the right split-second decisions on the field

How Football Managers Are At Risk Of Mental Health Problems

In the high-stakes world of elite sport, the manager's job seem to be fair game and a talking point for fans and critics but the environment is characterized by intense and continuous scrutiny – as well as perennial job insecurity and unrealistic expectations from fans and the media.

Manchester United: The Club That Cannot Be Ignored Need To Find Their Feet

"Hated, adored, and never ignore" is a slogan well-known to Manchester United fans. They face issues on and off the field, but in terms of off-field metrics, Red Devils dominates the performance tables

Wembley For Sale: Does Selling A Football Stadium Affect Grassroot Investment?

The question to sell London’s Wembley stadium, has once more raised its head in the UK

The World Cup In Digital And Social: The Viewers, The Tweets And The Trolls

Numbers suggest that 3.4 billion people across the world will ultimately have watched the tournament at some stage.

‘Hyperdigitalised’ Sports Fans: Connecting With Their Heroes Like Never Before

Social media is now the key connection between clubs and their fans – and the attraction and retention of new fans.

Football May Be Caught In The Crossfire Between Qatar And The Saudis

While most football fans will be reflecting on Russia 2018 World Cup, off the field, world football faces pressing issues happening between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

England Invented Football – But Scots Made It The Success It Has Become

Football League, the forerunner of the English Premier League, widely regarded as the most successful domestic football competition in the world, was invented by a Scotsman living in England.

Unlocking The ‘Barca Way’ – The Secret Ingredients Revealed!

New research sheds light into the 'secrets' of Barcelona's success from training methodology to the theories which makes this club unique in football.

Why Trade Unionism Must Fight The Export Of Domestic League Football

When you think about the big beneficiaries of trade unionism, professional football might not immediately spring to mind but, according to one observer, they find professional football as one of the most successful examples of modern trade unionism.

How Early Transfer Window Forced Premier League Clubs To Pay Higher Fee For Top...

table, th, td { border: 0px;} Simon Chadwick (Professor of Sports Enterprise, University of Salford) and Chris Brady (Director, Centre for Sports Business, University of Salford) are the authors of this article...

Why The Rescued Thai Soccer Team Has Ordained As Buddhist Novice Monks

After their dramatic rescue from Nang Non cave, the Thai boys and their soccer coach have ordained as novice monks for a period of nine days, as a part of paying respect to the...

Can Usain Bolt Really Make It As A Footballer?

table, th, td { border: 0px;} The author, Edward Hope, is Lecturer, School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences, University of Essex. This article was originally published in The Conversation, an independent...

The Mo Salah Effect: Inspiring The Egyptian Youth

Young people’s dedication to Salah is evident in everyday life in Egypt: from dates and cakes named after him, to Ramadan lanterns, graffiti and portraits of him.

Aim For The Middle: It Could Be Your Best Shot For A Goal In...

Soccer may be a game of two halves, but if neither side wins after the 90 minutes of regular play and 30 minutes of extra time, then it all comes down to a penalty shootout. That could be what decides the winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup as it did in 1994 for Brazil and 2006 for Italy.

How Emotional Intelligence Helped Take A Young England Team To The Brink Of A...

A “new era for England”; a young team who “did their country proud”; a manager who embraced and consoled each of his players afterwards hailed a national hero who “united the country”.

Success Of French Football Team Masks Underlying Tensions Over Race And Class

The French football team has won the 2018 World Cup, 20 years after it triumphed on home soil in 1998. “Les Bleus”, as they’re called, are back in the nation’s good books, celebrated for their excellent performance in this year’s tournament

To Russia, With Luck? The Astronomical Odds That Separate England’s Young Footballers From Stardom

It has been reported that less than 1% of boys who enter academies before the age of 14 will ever make it to the professional level of the game. This already sets Gary Cahill, Fabien Delph, Harry Maguire, and Kyle Walker apart from the majority of boys who want to succeed in British football.

Croatia’s World Cup Consolation: Google Searches Soar As World Seeks Information On Finalists

Croatia may have lost to France in the World Cup final, but the small Eastern European nation may just have won something altogether more precious – worldwide recognition on a whole new level.

Russia’s World Cup Widely Hailed As Success, But Will The Good Vibes Last For...

There’s little doubt the World Cup has been a massive victory for Russia, and a double win for President Vladimir Putin. For starters, the tournament has imbued Russians with an immense sense of pride. Even though the Russian team lost in the quarterfinals to Croatia.

The Winners And Losers In The 2018 World Cup Broadcast Battle

France might have won the 2018 World Cup title, but who were the real winners in the broadcast battle? Not everyone could make it to Russia to watch the games live, and that left people all over the world relying on the distribution and associated media rights within their region.

Football May Be Caught In The Crossfire Between Qatar And The Saudis

Most football fans will still be reflecting on France’s win, Germany’s failure, Messi’s frustrations, Harry Kane’s goals and the rest. Yet many of us who followed the off-field games just as closely will have found the World Cup a largely uneventful tournament.

FIFA Has Successfully Developed Its Own Private Legal System – Now Governments Must Step...

After all, one better-than-expected tournament cannot erase a series of major scandals. These include the infamous decision by its executive committee to award the 2022 finals to Qatar.

Why Football May Still Be Coming Home…To France

Given their team’s recent performances and their country’s role in the history of football, the French also have reason to feel that football may soon be “coming home”

Success Of French Football Team Masks Underlying Tensions Over Race And Class

Triumph, on the football field, demonstrated that integration had been successful in France and anyone could reach the top of French society.

Kick Like A Pro: How To Take A Penalty Shot

Kicking a stationary ball from the penalty spot was first introduced in 1902 with the ball situated 12 yards (11 metres) from the goal

Why People Suddenly ‘Get Into’ Football During The World Cup

People are usually nicer towards people that share their social identity (the “ingroup”), and tend to be meaner to those that don’t (the “outgroup”)

What’s Involved In Designing World Cup Jerseys?

The manufacturer has the ideas, but the federation officials need to be convinced to go along with their new design aesthetics and performance innovations.

Teams Who Sing Their National Anthem Passionately Are More Likely To Win

Football games are enormously unpredictable, which may explain why spectators are often willing to embrace superstition to try to predict the winner.

On Germany’s National Soccer Stage, Why Have East Germans Gone Missing?

So why, today, is German soccer so dominated by players and clubs from the West? And what does this imbalance say about the state of the German reunification?

Predicting The World Cup Winner: An Engineer’s Working Guide

This year, the oracle’s job has gone to Achilles, a deaf white cat from St Petersburg’s Hermitage museum in Russia

How To Choose A World Cup Team When The US Isn’t Contending

After the U.S. men’s soccer team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, the question about which team to root for has become commonplace among American soccer fans

Fixed Matches And Prisoners Of Conscience: A History Of Politics Intruding On Football

Politics have regularly intruded into the football world, including recently with the controversial selections of Russia and Qatar to host the next two World Cups

Why African Football Fans Should Welcome Video Assistant Referees At The World Cup

African fans have always seen match officiating at the World Cup as one reason why their teams fail to do better than they have done so far.

‘Fiero’: A New Kind Of National Pride For The 2018 World Cup

At last, the FIFA World Cup 2018 is here. After four years of waiting, and an interminable qualifying campaign, football’s finest are competing for the title.

World Cup: All The Ways Footballers And Fans Can Be Hacked

Visitors to the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be eager to enjoy the football and soak up the culture. But safety concerns are lurking in the background of this tournament.

What Does FIFA Really Want Out Of This World Cup?

Whatever the whims and desires of fans, teams and players who headed to Russia this summer, the goals of world football’s most important off-field stakeholders provide an intriguing backdrop.

One Likely Winner Of The World Cup? Putin

Half a million soccer fans have headed to Russia to watch their national teams compete in the FIFA World Cup. Billions more around the world are watching on television.

Why Stereotypes Of Sexy Women Fans Persist At The World Cup

Globally, women’s football fandom is on the rise, with women comprising around 40% of worldwide television audiences for the 2014 men’s football World Cup.

The World Cup Is A Chance To Talk About African Identities And Unity

Africa is the world’s second most populated continent; it’s home to 54 countries. Yet, according to football umbrella body FIFA’s rules, only five African countries can qualify for the World Cup tournament which is held every four years.

Football’s Next Marketing Superstar May Emerge At This World Cup

have been instrumental in defining this era in football, and their extraordinary playing successes have translated into financial and commercial success too.

World Cup VAR: Technology Is Transforming The Beautiful Game

You may have noticed something different in the 2018 World Cup. For the first time ever, the Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) system is being used to help make decisions during games. And already we are seeing it cause controversy.

If You Catch World Cup Fever, Here’s How To Prevent Injuries

Engagement in soccer is always fun, whether as a player or as a spectator. However, it only stays fun for as long as it stays safe.

Season Wrap: Goals – And Own Goals – In Australian Football

The 13th season of A-League football concluded this weekend, with an unexpected Championship Grand Final in Newcastle between the Jets and Melbourne Victory.