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Football’s Next Marketing Superstar May Emerge At This World Cup

have been instrumental in defining this era in football, and their extraordinary playing successes have translated into financial and commercial success too.

World Cup VAR: Technology Is Transforming The Beautiful Game

You may have noticed something different in the 2018 World Cup. For the first time ever, the Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) system is being used to help make decisions during games. And already we are seeing it cause controversy.

If You Catch World Cup Fever, Here’s How To Prevent Injuries

Engagement in soccer is always fun, whether as a player or as a spectator. However, it only stays fun for as long as it stays safe.

Season Wrap: Goals – And Own Goals – In Australian Football

The 13th season of A-League football concluded this weekend, with an unexpected Championship Grand Final in Newcastle between the Jets and Melbourne Victory.

Pep Guardiola And The Long Tradition Of Mixing Football With Politics

By wearing a yellow ribbon on his chest, Guardiola has been charged and fined £20,000 by the English Football Association (FA) for “wearing a political message”.

How AI Could Help Football Managers Spot Weak Links In Their Teams

Football fans have long been bombarded with an array of statistics ranging from the number of successful passes completed to the distance covered by each player in English Premier League matches. But that approach is blind to the context of the game and the specific role of each player.

Why Cities Are Becoming Reluctant To Host The World Cup And Other Big Events

table, th, td { border: 0px;} The author, Mark Wilson is a Professor and Program Director, Urban & Regional Planning, School of Planning, Design and Construction, Michigan State University. This article was...

Liverpool FC’s Mo Salah’s Goal Celebrations: A Guide To British Muslimness

table, th, td { border: 0px; } The author, Asif Majid, is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology, Media, and Performance, University of Manchester. This article...

Does Spending Big In The Football Transfer Window Get Results?

Football clubs in the English Premier League have found this month’s transfer window an expensive experience. With Liverpool breaking the world record for a defender, with the signing of Virgil van Dijk and sale...

The Goals That Must Guide Ex-Soccer Player Weah In Leading Liberia

Liberia’s 25th president, George Weah, has a tough task ahead of him.

Football And Race Relations Have Progressed A Lot Since Cyrille Regis’s Day – But...

My earliest football memory is of being sat around an old black-and-white television with my older brothers watching Cyrille Regis score a disallowed goal for Coventry against Tottenham Hotspur in the 1987 FA Cup...

Sport And Social Media’s Rocky Relationship Is Safe … For Now

Sports clubs and players are without doubt the giants of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have a mindboggling number of sport followers from around the world. Real Madrid has 106m likes on...

Brand Russia Faces An Uphill Struggle To Repair Its Image Ahead Of World Cup...

As Russia gears up to host the 2018 football World Cup, the country’s officials will be hoping that excitement about one of the world’s biggest sporting events generates some goodwill for the country. Because,...

Soccer 3.0 – When Data Becomes The 12th Man

Nothing can stop the digital transformation, not even professional soccer. Even if you think that the game of soccer will stand as the last bastion against the storms of the digital transformation, the typical...

Manchester City Confirm Documentary Deal With Amazon, But Deny Rights To Pep Guardiola’s Team...

Manchester City and Amazon announced a partnership on Thursday to produce a behind the scenes series of 10 exclusive episodes that will follow Pep Guardiola's side throughout the current campaign. But the £10 million figure...

Premier League Giants Go Hunting For A Bigger Slice Of The Pie … And...

When the English Premier League was founded in 1992, clubs agreed an egalitarian system for distributing Sky TV money.

FC Barcelona And The Catalan Struggle For Independence

FC Barcelona’s motto “mes que un club” or “more than a club” is emblazoned across the team’s website, splashed across the seats of its Nou Camp stadium and embroidered on the collars of first-team shirts.

Sport Eligibility Rules Need A Rethink To Allow Migrants To Play

After footballer Ben Woodburn scored the winner in his debut for Wales, radio station TalkSPORT ran a poll asking people what nationality the 17-year-old really was.

Football’s Summer Transfer Window Showcases Changing Power Dynamics

The summer transfer window has once again seen records broken and the financial viability of football questioned.

Tackling Homophobia In Professional Football Is Still A Work In Progress – But It’s...

As the 25th Premier League season begins, it is a happy coincidence that it was Arsenal – home to the League’s first and largest official LGBT supporters group – who hosted the opening match.

New Premier League Season Begins… But Child Abuse Scandal Hangs Heavy Over Football

The new Premier League football season kicks off this week, with record sums of money spent by top flight teams on new talent.

Grumbles Over Governance Threaten To Disrupt Football’s Growth In Australia

Football in Australia should be on a high. The Matildas achieved stunning success at the Tournament of Nations, the Socceroos are about to embark on the final stage of qualifying for their fourth World Cup in succession, and data show participation in the sport to be at an all-time high.

Qatar, PSG And The Real Reason Neymar Is Moving To France For A World...

The footballing world awaits Brazilian footballer Neymar’s move to France’s Paris Saint Germain (PSG) for a world record fee of more than £199m – his FC Barcelona release clause demands as much.

Football: Radically Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Commercial And Anti-Bourgeois

Like a lot of kids the great Martinican/Algerian revolutionary Frantz Fanon loved playing soccer as a youngster. Returning to Martinique in 1945 after fighting in Europe and North Africa in World War II.

Why 48 Teams In The Expanded FIFA World Cup Could Be A Win For...

Football is all about numbers. It’s a game of two halves, 4-4-2 formations, 11 players and as many goals scored as possible.

From Championships To Premier League: The Rollercoaster Ride Of Struggling Football Clubs

Football always divides opinion. As the latest English season draws to a close and the Football League playoffs take centre stage, there will be some that grumble about the format.

Football’s Unholy Alliance With Alcohol Sends A Dangerous Message To Young People

Last year, as 24 football-mad nations across Europe cheered on their heroes, and Portugal battled their way to UEFA Euro 2016 glory.

How Fan Loyalty Fails To Help Football’s Much-Needed Financial Reform

Another month, another potential money scandal in the beautiful game. Unfortunately, and despite several weeks passing since tax officers raided two Premier League clubs, uncertainty remains as to who exactly is suspected of committing crimes.

Manchester: United By Football, City Of Dreams

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores for United or Sergio Aguero scores for City, one half of Manchester roars while the other half groans.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: MacKenzie’s Racist Rant Against Barkley & The Sun Sets On...

Kelvin MacKenzie has been suspended as a Sun columnist for an opinion piece in which he referred to Everton footballer Ross Barkley – who has a Nigerian grandfather – as a “gorilla”

The Art Of Coaching: Not Every Great Player Can Become A Legendary Coach

In top-level sport, success is the overwhelming criterion for judging coaches. In professional sport, team owners, directors and fans clearly value the product (winning) greater than the process (performance).

Is China On Course For Collision With FIFA?

Trent Sainsbury may not realise it, but he recently became the epicentre of a seismic shift in global football governance.

To Win The War Against Illegal Streaming Sites The Premier League Must Beat Them...

The Premier League is desperately trying to stop people from illegally streaming football games. Its latest victory in the UK’s High Court was to stop hundreds of thousands of people watching matches for free via a Kodi set-top box.

BT Has Made A Huge Gamble On Sport – But Will It Win?

For the top football clubs in Europe, it was another great result. The telephone company BT was so determined to keep broadcasting Champions’ League and Europa League football, that it forked out £1.18 billion for the privilege.

How To Restore Glory Days Of Scottish Football? Learn From Iceland

The Scottish national football team’s last gasp 1-0 victory over Slovenia in the World Cup qualifier on Sunday March 26 has breathed some life into a campaign that was trundling towards elimination.

New Everton Football Stadium Could End Up Underwater Thanks To Global Warming

Everton Football Club announced a milestone step towards moving from its historic Goodison Park home to a new stadium at Bramley Moore dock in Liverpool.

How Arsene Wenger Changed The Premier League … And Then Dropped The Ball

When Arsene Wenger was named as the new manager of Arsenal FC in September 1996, English football was in a period of transition.

How Football’s Richest Clubs Fail To Pay Staff A Real Living Wage

English football’s top flight, the Premier League, dominates the sporting world’s league tables for revenue.

Theresa May, Brexit And Football – Why We Need To Know Which Team The...

Football fans are still waiting to hear the year’s biggest announcement: which team does Theresa May support?

Hillsborough: Liverpool FC Has Got Rid Of The Sun But It Cannot Rid The...

A total ban has been put on The Sun by Liverpool football club, 28 years after the city started a mass boycott of the newspaper for running a false story about supporters’ behaviour during the Hillsborough tragedy.

Why The Sun Newspaper Will Never Shine In Liverpool

Almost three decades after the Hillsborough tragedy, Liverpool Football Club has banned journalists from The Sun newspaper from its stadium and training ground. It is a move that has social resonance well beyond the...

We Taught Bees To Play Football So We Could Learn About Their Brains

Most people don’t often think about bees’ brainpower. Bees are generally regarded as tiny unthinking machines, flying from flower to flower, genetically pre-programmed to collect pollen and nectar and make honey.

Fourteen Penalties: Sydney’s A-League Derby Off The Pitch

Last weekend’s A-League derby between Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers was a tense and thrilling game. More than 40,000 spectators cheered on their respective teams, with the match also available to viewers on subscription TV.

Sacking Leicester City Boss Claudio Ranieri Was Unceremonious, Ruthless And Risky

It seems barely conceivable, but then it is Premier League football, a realm where almost anything seems possible. Leicester City to the Premier League title – arguably the greatest shock in the entire history of the English game – the club’s Italian manager and coach, Claudio Ranieri has been unceremoniously sacked.

Darkness To Glory: Women’s Football Beats All Odds To Fire Up To The Future

Less than 60 years ago, women’s football almost disappeared in Australia. This Sunday, local team, Perth Glory, will take on Melbourne City in the 2017 W-League Grand Final.

How Blackburn Rovers Fans Could Use Man Utd To Help Dislodge Their Unpopular Indian...

Disgruntled Blackburn Rovers fans are desperate for the club’s owners, Indian poultry firm Venky’s – to sell the club.

Can European Football Compete Against China?

In 2012 Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua lured former Premier League stars Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba to the Chinese Super League (CSL).

Trump Vs Mourinho: Masters Of Media Distraction

Is Jose Mourinho, the Donald Trump of football? Or is Trump the “special one” of world politics?

Why Football Bets Are Far More Profitable To Bookmakers Than Gambling Machines

When the government completes its review of the gambling sector, a clampdown on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) looks on the cards.

CIA Declassified File: When Kissinger Met Pele And Convinced Him To Play Soccer In...

Those were the lucky few who actually saw Pele play in his hey-days from his meteoric rise from a Brazilian slum.