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Is China On Course For Collision With FIFA?

Trent Sainsbury may not realise it, but he recently became the epicentre of a seismic shift in global football governance.

To Win The War Against Illegal Streaming Sites The Premier League Must Beat Them...

The Premier League is desperately trying to stop people from illegally streaming football games. Its latest victory in the UK’s High Court was to stop hundreds of thousands of people watching matches for free via a Kodi set-top box.

BT Has Made A Huge Gamble On Sport – But Will It Win?

For the top football clubs in Europe, it was another great result. The telephone company BT was so determined to keep broadcasting Champions’ League and Europa League football, that it forked out £1.18 billion for the privilege.

How To Restore Glory Days Of Scottish Football? Learn From Iceland

The Scottish national football team’s last gasp 1-0 victory over Slovenia in the World Cup qualifier on Sunday March 26 has breathed some life into a campaign that was trundling towards elimination.

New Everton Football Stadium Could End Up Underwater Thanks To Global Warming

Everton Football Club announced a milestone step towards moving from its historic Goodison Park home to a new stadium at Bramley Moore dock in Liverpool.

How Arsene Wenger Changed The Premier League … And Then Dropped The Ball

When Arsene Wenger was named as the new manager of Arsenal FC in September 1996, English football was in a period of transition.

How Football’s Richest Clubs Fail To Pay Staff A Real Living Wage

English football’s top flight, the Premier League, dominates the sporting world’s league tables for revenue.

Theresa May, Brexit And Football – Why We Need To Know Which Team The...

Football fans are still waiting to hear the year’s biggest announcement: which team does Theresa May support?

Hillsborough: Liverpool FC Has Got Rid Of The Sun But It Cannot Rid The...

A total ban has been put on The Sun by Liverpool football club, 28 years after the city started a mass boycott of the newspaper for running a false story about supporters’ behaviour during the Hillsborough tragedy.

Why The Sun Newspaper Will Never Shine In Liverpool

Almost three decades after the Hillsborough tragedy, Liverpool Football Club has banned journalists from The Sun newspaper from its stadium and training ground. It is a move that has social resonance well beyond the...

We Taught Bees To Play Football So We Could Learn About Their Brains

Most people don’t often think about bees’ brainpower. Bees are generally regarded as tiny unthinking machines, flying from flower to flower, genetically pre-programmed to collect pollen and nectar and make honey.

Fourteen Penalties: Sydney’s A-League Derby Off The Pitch

Last weekend’s A-League derby between Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers was a tense and thrilling game. More than 40,000 spectators cheered on their respective teams, with the match also available to viewers on subscription TV.

Sacking Leicester City Boss Claudio Ranieri Was Unceremonious, Ruthless And Risky

It seems barely conceivable, but then it is Premier League football, a realm where almost anything seems possible. Leicester City to the Premier League title – arguably the greatest shock in the entire history of the English game – the club’s Italian manager and coach, Claudio Ranieri has been unceremoniously sacked.

Darkness To Glory: Women’s Football Beats All Odds To Fire Up To The Future

Less than 60 years ago, women’s football almost disappeared in Australia. This Sunday, local team, Perth Glory, will take on Melbourne City in the 2017 W-League Grand Final.

How Blackburn Rovers Fans Could Use Man Utd To Help Dislodge Their Unpopular Indian...

Disgruntled Blackburn Rovers fans are desperate for the club’s owners, Indian poultry firm Venky’s – to sell the club.

Can European Football Compete Against China?

In 2012 Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua lured former Premier League stars Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba to the Chinese Super League (CSL).

Trump Vs Mourinho: Masters Of Media Distraction

Is Jose Mourinho, the Donald Trump of football? Or is Trump the “special one” of world politics?

Why Football Bets Are Far More Profitable To Bookmakers Than Gambling Machines

When the government completes its review of the gambling sector, a clampdown on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) looks on the cards.

CIA Declassified File: When Kissinger Met Pele And Convinced Him To Play Soccer In...

Those were the lucky few who actually saw Pele play in his hey-days from his meteoric rise from a Brazilian slum.

Is FIFA Expanding The World Cup For The Good Of The Game?

FIFA’s decision to increase the number of countries taking part in the World Cup has provoked a predictable range of responses in football.

Prepare For A Record-Breaking Premier League Transfer Window

It is likely that this winter’s transfer window will be the biggest yet and is predicted to break the current record of £225m spent by clubs.

A Football Header May Send Your Brain Function Off The Goalpost

Heading a football may look effortless but many scientists have suspected it might actually harm the player’s brain. There could be real consequences – we know that brain injury is linked to an increased...

Scottish Football Is Gearing Towards A Fan-Zone Pivot! Finally

Football has always played an important role in Scottish culture. For working-class communities in particular, the biweekly pilgrimage to the team’s stadium is a deep-rooted and long-held tradition. Indeed, Scotland’s top tier has regularly...

Can Football Help Britain Boost Its Post-Brexit Trade?

The Premier League recently signed its biggest deal outside UK. Chinese electronics giant Suning has stumped up £560m for TV rights.

General Pinochet’s Long Shadow Still Hangs Over Chile’s National Stadium

A decade after General Augusto Pinochet died, Chile still feel the legacy of his regime on a daily basis more tangibly in football.

Let’s Challenge The Culture Of Silence About Child Sexual Abuse In Football

Andy Woodward has been speaking out recently about their experiences of sexual abuse as children.

Colombia Plane Crash Brings Tragic Halt To The Fairytale Rise Of Football Club Chapecoense

The tragic crash involving a plane carrying Brazilian football team Chapecoense was extremely sad.
Sam Allardyce

How Sam Allardyce’s Own Goal Could Help Clean Up English Football

The inglorious end to Sam Allardyce’s brief reign as manager of the England football team, after just 67 days in charge, sparked national embarrassment. But, despite Allardyce facing a ban from the sport, it...

Premier League Managers And Their Coaching Style

The Premier League is well and truly underway and the way the table topping list keeps changing, it is hotly tipped to be one of the most competitive in years. Interestingly the talk has not...

For Every Drogba There Are Hundreds Of West African Football Hopefuls Who Struggle

Many young aspiring footballers in West Africa look at professional football like a global multibillion industry, as pathway out of poverty.

Football’s Fight Against Homophobia Might Have Reached A Tipping Point

According to BBC Radio 5 Live survey, 82% of fans in England, Wales and Scotland are comfortable with their club signing a gay player.

Poppies Are A Political Symbol – Both On And Off The Football Pitch

When Canadian military doctor John McCrae sat down to write a poem on the edge of a battlefield in May 1915, he could have had no idea how far the echoes of his words...

Liverpool Pays Tribute To Hillsborough 96 In Emotional Freedom Of City Ceremony

Families of the Hillsborough 96 gathered at the city's historic St George's Hall to receive specially cast medals and scrolls.
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Unhealthy Sport Sponsorship Continues To Target Kids

New research released by Cancer Council NSW has revealed eight out of nine food and beverage sponsors of children’s sports development programs in Australia are classified as unhealthy.
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The World Cup In Qatar, In Winter – It Might Not Be All Bad

A FIFA taskforce has recommended the tournament should be rescheduled from the summer to winter, at least high temperatures are likely to disappear as one of the sticks with which to beat Qatar.
Spain’s golden generation, featuring players such as Torres, Iniesta and Casillas, crashed out of the World Cup in Brazil, perhaps marking an end to their dominance of world football.

Capitalism Or Golden Generations? Explaining Success In World Cups

Stefan Szymanski and Simon Kuper’s Why England Lose: And Other Curious Football Phenomena Explained, which also was published as Soccernomics for an American audience, had a go at an explanation. Their prediction of the...

Who’s Got The Biggest League In Europe?

As each league kicks off, the competition over which is the biggest does too. Some commentators are claiming European football is now dominated by a “big three” of England, Germany and Spain instead of the traditional “big five” that also includes France and Italy.

Football Needs A ‘Rooney Rule’ To Tackle Institutional Racism

black players now form the basis of many English football clubs and the England national team – think Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling, Danny Wellbeck and Theo Walcott. And, of course, some black players from the past are now occupying management positions within clubs.
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Why Quotas For Foreign Players Is Not The Answer To England’s Football Problems

Greg Dyke has used this season’s star, Tottenham striker Harry Kane, as a prime example of the kind of talent that clubs need to do better at fostering.
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The Big Good Friday Football Fix Of 1915: Man Utd 2 – Liverpool 0

Their fans revel in past glories but few know there is also a dark side to their club’s history: both were involved in the highest-level fix we know about in English football.

Hillsborough’s Lesson – Don’t Fear The Crowd

All domestic football matches on Saturday 12 April started seven minutes late, and various tributes were held by football fans across the country.

As Child Abuse Investigations Take Shape, Old Crimes Are Transforming British Society

The re-opening of all these cases has thrown up inconvenient and challenging questions about our notions of law, order and justice
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Hillsborough: At Last, The Shameful Truth Is Out

It is difficult to imagine the fortitude required to continue their fight for justice against the arrayed institutional might of the police, government and even sections of the media for so long.
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The ‘New Football’ Should Stop Engaging In ‘Old Soccer’ Debates

The latest saga began with News Corp journalist Rebecca Wilson’s alarmist reporting on the 198 fans Football Federation Australia (FFA) has banned from attending matches.
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Sporting Rights Will Be The Next Major Earthquake Shaking Up Football

In an era of streaming and ubiquitous access to digital content, policing the intellectual property from live coverage has become integral to rights holders' business models.
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Women’s Soccer Shows How Far We’ve Come Since Title IX – And What Battles...

Recent examples illustrate how shining a light on the games we love through athletes’ use of the legal process can have powerful effects on changing norms
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What The Next FIFA President Could Do To Tackle Child Trafficking In Football

A chain of headline reports by media networks, human rights activists, and academics have painted a bleak picture of football’s exploitative underbelly.
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How Not To Run A Football Club

At the start of next season, the league’s recordbreaking new TV deal begins and clubs' revenues are set to rocket as a result.
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Anthill 3: Rooting For The Underdog

This episode’s mix of stories starts with a look at the historic progress made by Iceland and Wales in the Euro 2016
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Football Hooliganism’s Links To Organised Crime

Those regularly involved in football violence are often already associated with networks of men with violent reputations and that may also be involved in varying forms of criminality.